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Tennessee Auto Insurance Laws

Tennessee is no joke when it comes to auto insurance. Drivers who risk driving uninsured face fines of up to $ 2,500, jail time of just under a year, suspended license and SR insurance -22 after driving privileges have been restored.

To note: Despite the name, SR-22 insurance does not provide actual coverage. Following an event (such as an accident, multiple speeding tickets, or driving without insurance), the state can stop trusting the driver and demand that he provide proof that he is insured. An SR-22 from an insurance company serves as proof.

Tennessee minimum coverage requirements

As a minimum, drivers in Tennessee should wear:

  • $ 25,000 per person and $ 50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability
  • $ 15,000 per accident in property damage civil liability

How to get cheap auto insurance in Tennessee

The most obvious way to get cheap auto insurance in Tennessee is to keep your driving record clean. Do not risk your record by speeding up or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And because insurance quotes are based, in part, on your credit score, it’s important to keep your score as high as possible. Working to increase your credit score can help lower the cost of your insurance policy.

And then there are discounts – lots of potential discounts.

Where to find discounts

The number of potential auto insurance discounts varies by insurance company, but taking the time to consider the options can save you money. Here are some of the ways that drivers can save:

  • Good student discount
  • Defensive driver discount
  • Full payment remittance
  • Discounts outside of school
  • Professional discount
  • Alumni discount
  • Professional organization discount
  • Discount on safety function
  • Discount based on usage
  • Multi-car discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • New car discount

Other things to consider when looking for auto insurance in Tennessee

Drivers can schedule a ticket if they get caught texting while driving in the state of Tennessee. Not only will they be fined $ 50 for texting, but they will also be responsible for paying court costs and the higher insurance premium associated with drivers who have a traffic ticket on their record.

When looking for cheap auto insurance, the trick is to avoid any driving habits that might make it harder to find what you need.

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