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The two-day Moffat Classic Car Rally has been canceled due to Covid for the second year in a row.

Event organizer Gordon Bisset said he was “deeply disappointed” to have to make the decision but it was “inevitable” due to restrictions on coronaviruses.

The event helped the 83-year-old raise £ 140,000 for cancer charities in memory of his wife Alison who was diagnosed with the disease in 2000 and died after a three-year battle.

Last year 900 car enthusiasts from all over the world were expected to bring their vehicles to Moffat and hundreds more spectators were expected in the city for the rally.

It’s Moffat’s biggest weekend of the year and is said to have generated over £ 150,000 for local businesses.

Mr Bisset said: “The cancellation of the event for the second year is a huge loss not only for Moffat, but for the region as a whole.”

This year’s rally was scheduled to take place on June 26-27.

Mr Bisset added: ‘With participants and spectators generally coming from all over the UK, Northern Ireland and Shetlands, one of our biggest concerns was if any further travel restrictions were to be imposed. before the event, this would have caused serious problems.

“Any cancellations would affect our finances as detailed planning and spending for the rally begins in February.

“Last year’s event was canceled towards the end of March resulting in a financial loss on an event that never took place.

“Over the past 22 years, typically around 300 of our attendees have always had the pleasure of the civic reception in the Moffat Woolen Mill on Saturday evening – this would not have been allowed this year.

“It’s deeply disappointing that we can’t support the cancer charities we’re doing this for, because that’s what motivates me to keep going. “

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