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Idaho Auto Insurance Laws

Here are some Idaho auto insurance laws that all drivers should know:

Idaho is a state responsible for auto insurance

Idaho is a responsible state. This means that in the event of an accident involving two or more vehicles, the driver who is found at fault must pay the medical bills for all parties involved. This is different from no-fault states where each driver charges their own insurance for medical bills, regardless of fault.

Consequences of driving without insurance in Idaho

Drivers who do not have auto insurance in Idaho could face the following consequences:

  • Driving license suspension
  • Fines of up to $ 75 for a first offense and up to $ 1,000 for subsequent offenses within five years
  • Up to six months in prison if you are caught driving without insurance more than once within five years

Idaho minimum coverage requirements

All Idaho drivers must have at least the following insurance coverage:

Liability coverage for bodily injury

Drivers must carry at least:

  • $ 25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $ 50,000 liability coverage for bodily injury per accident

Liability coverage for property damage

In addition, drivers must have at least $ 15,000 of liability insurance for property damage.

Coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists

Idaho requires its drivers to purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in the same amounts as the bodily injury liability coverage listed above. This comes into play if an insured is struck by an uninsured driver or by a driver who does not have adequate insurance to cover all damage.

How To Get Cheap Auto Insurance In Idaho

Drivers looking to get Idaho’s cheapest auto insurance should do the following:

  • Compare the prices: Each company has its own algorithm for determining risk, which is why drivers get different prices for each. Allow half an hour to get quotes from different companies and compare them side by side to see which auto insurance company has the best deal.
  • Take advantage of all possible discounts: While insurers automatically apply many discounts on driver premiums, some drivers must enroll. For example, driver watch program discounts typically require the consent of the policyholder. Those who want to be rewarded for their good behavior might consider this.
  • Choose a higher deductible: Deductibles are the out-of-pocket expenses that drivers pay when they file a claim. Choosing a higher deductible usually lowers monthly premiums.

Other things to consider when looking for auto insurance in Idaho

Here are a few other things drivers should keep in mind when shopping for auto insurance in Idaho:

Idaho’s minimum coverage is below average

Idaho requires its drivers to have liability coverage of $ 25,000 and $ 50,000 per accident, plus $ 15,000 of liability coverage for property damage. This is sometimes written as 25/50/15 cover.

It is a little lower than the average. Many other states require their drivers to have at least 25/50/25 coverage. This provides a little extra protection for drivers if they cause an accident that damages someone else’s property. Without adequate liability coverage for property damage, policyholders could end up paying for the remainder of the damage themselves.

Minimum coverage does not protect the driver’s vehicle

Those looking for protection for their own vehicles following an accident should add collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. They are not required by state law, but many lenders require them from drivers who have a lease or loan on their vehicles.

Collision coverage pays to repair the policyholder’s vehicle following an accident with another vehicle or an accident with a single car, even if the policyholder is at fault. Comprehensive coverage takes care of damage caused by inclement weather, theft, vandalism, and animal-vehicle collisions, among others.

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