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In 1938 Buick introduced what is considered the first concept car. Ever since, car enthusiasts have dreamed of what the future holds. People were blown away by the new features and options and how they could make their lives better, or at least more interesting. Ideas such as redesigned body styles, engines, safety features and exciting new gadgets have captured the imagination and excited car buyers about the innovations that will be available to them.

Today, many people look to the past as a simpler time. Old movies and TV shows are coming back as reboots with a vengeance. Yet no one wants to feel left behind when it comes to technology. The same is true in the automotive industry, but as new technologies are introduced, other features disappear. That means giving up features and options that buyers might not even know they’re going to miss.. Automation can make things simpler, and standardization makes things easier for car production, but it can also rob the driving experience of much of the fun and bluster. Maybe those forgotten classic car features also need to be restarted.

8 Door speed selectors

One of the lost features is the gated shifter. Many new drivers never learn to drive manual cars, and those who have learned to drive automatic cars are hesitant to start for several reasons.

Part of the reason for the removal of gated shifters is the advancement of manual transmissions and the added difficulty of the gated shifter compared to modern shifters. However, there is still a desire for them in exotic cars like Ferraris, where drivers want to feel an extra connection with their car and the road. In addition, they have an improved visual appearance. The modern shifter is a nice feature that disappeared with the 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo.

7 Mechanical hand brakes

Traditional hand brakes are disappearing in favor of electronic parking brake systems. Although they are easier for drivers to use, they also eliminate a sense of security that only a handbrake can provide. Established drivers are always looking to pull the lever in an emergency, and a button on the dash can’t replicate that feeling. Anyone who’s ever used one knows that parking brakes are prone to failing for a number of reasons, and that’s not what you want if an accident seems inevitable.

There’s also the element of fun that they help provide. Drifting is still popular as a sport and something many enthusiasts love to do, but the lack of a mechanical brake not only makes tail kicking and drifting more difficult, but also further separates the driver car mechanics.

6 Full-size spare tire

Blowing out a tire is one of the inevitable things about driving a car. In the past, drivers had the security of knowing that if this happened, they had a replacement on board to help them resolve the issue effectively.

Over time, full-size spares were replaced by lighter, less efficient donuts, and now it’s a wonder if a car even has one. What could be worse than having an apartment and thinking you have a replacement only to find there isn’t one? Fortunately, today’s drivers have cell phones to call for help, but that’s no substitute for a spare in your trunk.

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5 T-Tops

In an age where all cars are essentially bread boxes on wheels, there is a desire to look different and stand out from the crowd. In the past, vehicles had unique styling and one of the options for buyers was the T-Top. Cars that featured T-tops include the Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Daytona, and the car most associated with the T-Top, the Pontiac Firebird.

Over time, these styles started to look dated, but there is no doubt that modern designers would incorporate them into their plans if they could prove willing. Many drivers would love to drive down the road to get a second look and look at a unique classic feature on a modern car.

4 Hood ornaments

Nothing said luxury and class more than a hood ornament. It’s hard to imagine a Rolls-Royce without the Spirit of Ecstasy, but there were plenty of other eye-catching finishes. Memorable examples include Jaguar’s leaping cat, Mercedes’ three-pointed star and the Bentley Flying B.

You can also find them on more affordable cars, such as the Chrysler Pentastar, Lincoln Gun Sight, and Dodge ram, to name a few.

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3 Taillight fins

The tail fin was a common sight on many cars from the 1940s through the 1960s, peaking in popularity in 1955. Flared whale tails were ubiquitous on many of the era’s most collected cars. With their chrome bodies and red taillights, these design features evoked the concept of rockets and jet engines, the technological advancements of their time.

They also allowed automakers to sell more vehicles, as buyers wanted the latest styles to help them keep up with the Joneses. Eventually they died out as buyer tastes changed, but they will still make many models instantly recognizable.

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2 Ute beds

Today, buyers choose from a few basic models: the sedan, the coupe, the SUV and the pickup, but there was a time when you could have a city car with a pickup behind it. Combining the practicality of a sedan with the function and versatility of a pickup, the ute was a style that only lasted a short time in North America, but is still hugely popular in Australia. .

Once a utilitarian and practical body style, utes are no longer an option in North America. They started to feel dated and modern vans offered more comfort and contemporary style than before. The sleek SUV has also greatly reduced the need for a vehicle capable of carrying your family and your cargo.

It’s not hard to imagine that with a slight modernization one wouldn’t want a smaller, easier to park vehicle that could also offer increased utility, not to mention a reduction in weight that would increase fuel consumption. ‘essence.

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1 Butterfly doors

When it comes to sleek design, the Gullwing door tops the list. Associated most strongly with the Mercedes 300SL, the Gullwing gives a vehicle a special, sporty feel. Not something all cars can afford to offer, the Gullwing could be incorporated to add another level of prestige and boldness to sports cars that would set them apart from the competition.

Today there are a few vehicles left with Gullwings, including the Mercedes SLS and the even newer Tesla Model X, but they also gave them a sense of excitement that traditional hinged doors lacked and grabbed attention and fascination.

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