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Authorities said a girl was injured and later died after power windows in a car flipped over on her.

PHOENIX – A girl died after playing in a parked car and was caught in automatic windows in western Phoenix on Saturday night, officials said.

The girl was injured when one of the car’s power windows rolled up on her around 7:30 p.m.

The car was parked in a house near 37th and Lewis avenues. Police said there was no obvious sign of foul play.

Police did not say if an adult was with the girl at the time of the incident.

We recently spoke to Janette Fennell, president of, about ways to prevent these types of incidents. Here are three things people can do to avoid a similar accident.

Check your window switch, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing child deaths in cars, said more than 65 children have died from electric windows since 1990.

The organization said toggle and toggle switches found in cars older than 2008 are unsafe. He adds that even though coil switches, found in 2008 and newer cars, are safer, you still need to be careful.

“If the child was behind the driver, he wouldn’t know that his fingers, hands, arms or head was on the other side of the window, and the window could be up and he couldn’t call for help. ugly. We sometimes call him the silent killer, ”Fennell said.

Don’t leave your child alone in the car

“Parents need to understand that it’s never safe to leave children alone in vehicles,” Fennell said.

Auto-reversing windows are safer

Usually, in newer cars, the driver’s window is auto-reversing, which means that if an object or person is detected, the window will lower. But wants a law passed that would require all car windows to be automatically reversed.

“Anything that can go up should be able to go down,” Fennell said.

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