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Florida has one of the highest average auto insurance premiums in the country, with drivers paying $2,364 per year for comprehensive auto insurance and $1,101 per year for minimum state coverage. Orlando drivers pay a little more for auto insurance, with average auto insurance rates of $2,405 per year for full coverage and $1,210 per year for minimum coverage. To find cheap car insurance, Orlando drivers may need to obtain quotes from several carriers.

Bankrate’s editorial team has compiled information on the current average premiums of the largest insurance companies in the Orlando area. We also looked at customer service ratings, claims handling ratings, financial strength ratings, and available coverages and discounts to determine the best cheap car insurance in Orlando, Florida.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Orlando

Finding the best auto insurance companies in Orlando takes more than finding the lowest possible price. Working with an insurance company that pays claims quickly and is there to help you after an accident is just as important, as is having an array of coverage options and discount offers. Based on our research, here are the best car insurance companies in Orlando:

insurance company JD Power Overall Customer Satisfaction Score
Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for full coverage
Geico 846 / 1000 $844 $1,991
state farm 826 / 1000 $940 $1,849
Allstate 851 / 1000 $1,262 $2,595
progressive 834 / 1000 $1,392 $2,523


For those looking for the cheapest minimum coverage auto insurance premiums in Orlando, Geico’s rates might be attractive. the Geico coverage calculator helps you choose a level of coverage and estimates your monthly payments.

Geico customers are also generally satisfied with the company’s customer service. Geico was ranked second in the 2020 JD Power Auto Insurance Study. The company also has a Financial strength rating A++ by AM Best.

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state farm

State Farm’s minimum coverage costs slightly more than Geico’s, but it offers the cheapest comprehensive auto insurance in Orlando. There’s also plenty of value for money; if your car is stolen or declared a total loss, the carrier Earnings Protector option reimburses the total value of the vehicle.

In addition to options such as Payoff Protector, Roadside Assistance and Rideshare Coverage, State Farm also offers lots of discountsincluding driver training, policy bundling and good driver discounts.

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Allstate ranks first for customer satisfaction in Florida, according to JD Power. Customers liked the policy’s competitive pricing, ease of claims process, and variety of coverage options. Claims can be filed by phone, online, or through the Allstate mobile app.

His extensive network of local agents can be appealing to customers looking for a live agent to help guide their insurance decisions. If you have questions or need help filing or tracking a claim, there’s likely an Orlando Allstate agent near you and ready to help.

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Progressive is generally known as a low-cost carrier, but its fares are higher than average in Orlando. Nevertheless, it still ranks among the best providers of cheap car insurance in Orlando. Of the society Web tool Name your price is popular with consumers. You can enter the amount you want to pay and then see a range of coverage choices that fit your budget.

Progressive might be an ideal choice for drivers with a history of accidents and claims. The Progressive Snapshot Program allows the mobile application to track the driving habits of policyholders and offers additional savings on their car insurance to drive safely.

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Cheapest auto insurance in Orlando

Average car insurance premiums in Florida are $1,101 for minimum coverage and $2,364 for full coverage. It is one of the most expensive states in the country for car insurance coverage. Orlando drivers pay even more for insurance, with an average full coverage price of $2,405 per year and an average minimum coverage price of $1,210 per year.

The following table shows the cheapest car insurance companies in Orlando, among the most popular companies by market share. Your actual premium with cheap auto insurance companies in Orlando will depend on your specific underwriting factors, such as your age, the type of car you drive, the coverages you choose, and your driving history.

insurance company Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for full coverage
Geico $844 $1,991
state farm $940 $1,849
Allstate $1,262 $2,595
progressive $1,392 $2,523
direct general $1,494 $2,855

While finding a cheap car insurance company is an important consideration for most drivers when it comes to car insurance, it’s not the only factor you may want to consider. You can also review an insurance company’s financial strength scores, customer service reviews, coverage options, and discounts before choosing an insurer.

Orlando Insurance Terms

Drivers in Orlando are required to follow Florida State Law to purchase liability and injury protection coverage. Florida ranks sixth in the nation for uninsured motorists, so you may also want to consider purchasing coverage for uninsured motorists. The minimum amounts are as follows:

  • Bodily injury: $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident
  • Property damage: $10,000 per accident
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection: $10,000

Florida does not require bodily injury coverage to come from auto insurance – you can show proof of a bond to meet state responsibility law– but most drivers will likely buy auto insurance to get the required limits. However, driving within Florida state minimum limits can be risky. If you cause an accident and the damage exceeds your insurance limits, you will be responsible for paying the difference out of pocket. Most insurance agents recommend purchasing higher liability limits. You may also need to purchase comprehensive coverage, especially if you have a loan or lease for your vehicle.

Orlando Car Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders. Some discounts offered by many vendors that Orlando residents might find useful include:

  • Student discounts: Orange County has the largest school district in Central Florida, and insuring young people is usually more expensive. Teenagers or students can take advantage of the good student discounts available.
  • Discounts for senior drivers: Florida is also home to a large population of older drivers. Many insurance companies offer discounts for people age 60 and older.
  • Affiliate Program Discounts: Orlando is home to large employers, such as The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios and Advent Health. Many of these organizations offer discounts to their employees through certain insurers.

Since each company offers a different selection of discounts, speaking with your agent or a customer service representative from your insurance company could help you identify potential savings opportunities for which you qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best car insurance company?

There is no best car insurance company because everyone’s needs are different and rates vary widely based on driving history, type of insurance coverage, credit score and more. factors. It’s often a good idea to get quotes from a few insurers to find the best provider for your needs.

How much does auto insurance cost in Orlando?

The average cost of auto insurance in Orlando is $1,210 for minimum coverage and $2,405 for comprehensive auto insurance. Although car insurance is expensive in Orlando, there are ways to save. Your premiums will vary based on your individual underwriting factors.

Why is car insurance so expensive in Florida?

Florida is one of the most expensive states in the country for car insurance. Several factors can contribute to the high cost of car insurance. Florida is considered a “no-fault” insurance state, and these states generally have different insurance requirements that can increase costs. There is also over a million vehicles registered in Orange County and many tourists on the roads every year. This increases the likelihood of accidents. Indeed, in 2018, there were almost 32,000 crashes in Orange County, more than 14,000 of which resulted in injuries.


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2022 rates for all zip codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Rates shown are based on a 40-year-old male and female with clean driving records , good credit and the following complete coverage limits:

  • Civil liability of $100,000 in bodily injury per person
  • Civil liability of $300,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • Civil liability of $50,000 in property damage per accident
  • $100,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $300,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident
  • $500 collision deductible
  • $500 aggregate deductible

To determine minimum coverage limits, Bankrate has used minimum coverages that meet each state’s requirements. Our sample drivers own a 2019 Toyota Camry, commute five days a week, and drive 12,000 miles a year.

These are sampling rates and should only be used for comparison purposes. Your quotes may be different.

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