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#1 State Farm: Editor’s Choice

Rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB): A+
AM Better financial strength: A++
J.D. Power client satisfaction: 885/1000

State Farm Ranked #1 in Overall Customer Satisfaction for Major Insurers in JD Power 2022 US Insurance Shopping Study. The company particularly excels in automobile insurance for students. State Farm offers many opportunities for students to save money, including discounts for good students and absent-school students.

The company also has two telematics programs, with Steer Clear® specifically adapted to new drivers. In addition to monitoring driving behavior, Steer Clear includes a driver education course and generally leads to lower rates upon completion.

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#2 USAA: Low fares for the military

BBB rating: A+
AM Better financial strength: A++
J.D. Power client satisfaction: 875/1000

USAA typically offers some of the lowest rates on car insurance, with students often benefiting from deals. The company also ranks among the best in various insurance industry studies. Remember, USAA coverage is only available to military personnel, veterans, and their families.

If you qualify, USAA is definitely worth a look. In addition to already high quality and cheap car insurance coverage, students can benefit from several discounts to reduce costs. The company also offers a few specialty products and policies for military members and military families that may come in handy.

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#3 Geico: Affordable for most drivers

BBB rating: A+
AM Better financial strength: A++
JD Power Customer Satisfaction: 853/1000

Geico is known for its excellent customer service, as evidenced by its above average ratings for most parts of the 2022 JD Power US Auto Insurance Study. It also offers highly rated coverage and affordable rates to various drivers, including most students.

Features Geico a wide range of insurance options, including high coverage limits which can be useful for inexperienced drivers. Students who rarely use their vehicle while in college could also benefit from the company’s usage-based auto insurance policy.DriveEasy.

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#4 Progressive: Low rates for high-risk drivers

BBB rating: F
AM Better financial strength: A+
J.D. Power client satisfaction: 859/1000

Although the company offers reasonable rates for most motorists, Progressive has specialized for decades in serving high-risk drivers. With statistics ranking college students among the riskiest groups, Progressive is worth considering.

The company offers both Good Student and Distant Student discounts, as well as a relatively rare discount specifically aimed at teenage drivers. This could help reduce the cost of Progressive car insurance for young students.

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#5 Travelers: most coverage options

BBB rating: A
AM Better financial strength: A++
J.D. Power client satisfaction: 853/1000

Travelers is another major provider that offers reasonable rates on car insurance for students. College students can take advantage of many discounts to keep coverage rates at the lower end. Additionally, travelers offers savings for taking a defensive driving course and for insuring hybrid or electric vehicles. The company’s optional accident forgiveness program may too prevent your premiums from skyrocketing after an accident.

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