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Other Considerations for Teen Drivers

Car insurance rates for men and women in teens

In our analysis, we found that teenage male drivers pay about $20 more per month than teenage female drivers. This is again due to statistics. Male teens are more likely to fall into wrecks. They have caused two-thirds of all crashes among teenagers aged 16 to 19 in recent years, according to IIHS data.

How to find cheap insurance for teenagers

The best way to find cheap car insurance for teens is to compare rates from several companies. Each insurer has its own risk algorithm. Although they all consider teen drivers to be riskier to insure than older drivers, they don’t all charge teens the same amount. So the only way to see who is offering the best rate to a young driver is to compare quotes side by side.

In addition to shopping around, look for teen-specific car insurance discounts like the ones mentioned below. These can partly reduce the high premium costs.

Another way to make car insurance for teens more affordable is to lower their coverage levels. But this is risky and may not even be possible. For example, a lender may not allow customers to get rid of collision and comprehensive coverage if they have a lease or loan on their vehicle. And even if it is not necessary, a young driver could take the risk of not doing it, because he could face significant costs in the event of an accident. So weigh this option carefully and prioritize finding the best value over the lowest possible rate.

For more information, see our guide to How Much Car Insurance Coverage Do You Really Need?

Should Teens Be On Their Parents’ Car Insurance Policy?

Staying on a parent’s car insurance policy usually costs teen drivers less than trying to buy their own, so it’s an attractive option. Fortunately, there’s no legal reason teens can’t be on their parents’ insurance if the family agrees.

This gives a teen driver the benefit of all the discounts their parents are entitled to, such as a multi-policy discount for home and auto bundling and a discount for continued insurance coverage, which teens can do not have rights alone.

Of course, adding a teenage driver means higher rates for parents, so it’s something every family should consider. Parents who are worried about incurring the extra costs can ask their teen to pay the difference between their current premiums and the new ones.

There’s no law on when a young driver should purchase their own insurance, but in most cases if they live independently, pay their own expenses, and drive their own vehicle, they should probably have its own font. Car insurance premiums by age for teens

Here’s a closer look at the average car insurance cost for teens with a clean driving record, based on our analysis.

Average cost of auto insurance for 16 year olds

The average car insurance premium for a 16-year-old driver is around $210 per month, with women paying slightly less, at around $198 per month on average, and men paying slightly more, with an average of $221 per month.

Average cost of auto insurance for 17-year-olds

Car insurance premiums for 17-year-olds average $195 per month. Men still pay slightly more, averaging $208 per month, compared to $183 per month for women.

Average cost of auto insurance for 18 year olds

At age 18, young drivers see their average car insurance premium drop to around $169 per month. The gap between male and female drivers narrows slightly, with 18-year-old men paying around $177 per month on average, while women pay around $161 per month.

Average cost of auto insurance for 19-year-olds

Car insurance for teens tends to get cheaper around this age. At 19, drivers usually see a pretty big drop in their auto insurance rates if they have a good driving record. The average premium for 19-year-olds is around $116 per month, with rates of $124 per month for men and $108 per month for women.

Compare car insurance for teens

The data above gives parents and young drivers an idea of ​​the cost of teen car insurance. But there are many other factors that come into play here, such as what discounts a teenager may be entitled to and whether they have any accidents on their record. The only way to know which company will offer the best rate to a teenager is to get quotes.

Car insurance discounts for teens and young drivers

Here are some discounts that the best teen car insurance offers for young drivers. Note that not all insurers have all of these discounts, and not all discounts are available in all states.

  • Driver Safety Course Discount: Young drivers who take an approved defensive driving course may qualify for a discount.
  • Good student discount: Students who maintain a B average or higher may qualify for discounts with many insurers, as their high GPA speaks to their maturity and responsibility.
  • Safe Driver Discount: Teenagers may not immediately qualify for a safe driver discount, but they can get it over time, especially if they sign up for a telematics program that monitors their driving via a small device placed in the vehicle.
  • Discount for students absent from school: Students who live elsewhere and only drive their vehicle when visiting home may qualify for a discount as they put fewer miles on their car and therefore have a reduced risk of an accident.

These aren’t the only discounts a teen driver can qualify for. Always check with an insurer for a full list of available discounts.

Tips for Finding Cheap Car Insurance for Teens and Young Drivers

Finding affordable auto insurance for teen drivers isn’t always easy, but following these tips can help parents and teen drivers find the best rate:

  • Compare quotes from several insurers before making a purchase
  • Find out about discounts for young drivers
  • Consider joining a parent’s policy
  • Work to establish a safe driving record
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