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Plan to own it for a year, before selling it and buying a new car.

BHPian avk recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello. We are looking for an automatic used car for my wife to practice driving.

  • Budget: Less than Rs 5 lakhs
  • Security: The more, the better in the budget
  • Brand: Open to all cars currently producing in India
  • Location: Bangalore

Property horizon: Own it for 9-12 months, then sell it before buying a new car.

I plan to buy it within a month.

All suggestions are welcome.

Here is what BHPian Durango Dude should say about it:

Large i10 automatic, not the AMT but the standard torque converter gearbox as originally supplied. Buy a good example and keep it, it doesn’t make sense to change cars within the year.

Here is what BHPian Joelinf should say about it:

The 3rd generation Honda City makes sense. You can get a good one around 4 lakh. After one year, you will also get a good resale. Well rounded car and won’t let you down. All the best for car hunting.

Here is what BHPian RijuC should say about it:

Buy a new Maruti Suzuki Ignis AMT Auto and forget about used things:

  1. The second-hand market is booming these days.
  2. You won’t get a good, easy, trouble-free, maintenance-free AT on the used market for entry-level cars. Older Maruti AMTs weren’t so great. Hard to find Toque converters.
  3. The Ignis AMT is a good entry-level AMT car for city maneuvering and the bumper-to-bumper traffic of Bangalore.
  4. Visibility is very good and driving the Ignis is easy in city traffic. And also in the hills. I drove AMT Ignis in the hills (Nainital and Pangot) with no issues or flaws for 4 adults + 1 12 year old + 3 days luggage for all of us.
  5. What I did to learn to drive fast – last 4 days 1 hour driving in my own car with the instructor in my usual locality and on uncrowded roads. Last day on the highway through my daily commute to the office. Take it easy. You can’t make big mistakes with this AMT Ignis.
  6. The resale value of Maruti Suzuki is very good. You can get really good value for money if you decide to upgrade after a few years.

Here is what BHPian Kosfactor should say about it:

I recommend not buying a vehicle at all now, using the services of a driving school and paying for X number of sessions where she can practice with supervision. Once confident enough, go for it with a new car. All this would be much cheaper and safer.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more ideas and information.

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