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Season 10 will see teamwork across eight classic cars, with the vehicles and owners all having unique and humbling stories. From a restored Fiat Uno Turbo for Gerry, who has blood cancer, to a modernized Citroën HY Camionette for a family who lost a loved one in the Manchester Arena bombings.

Speaking to, Fuzz Townshend said restaurateurs aim to get ‘everything right’ for owners to help them through the tough times.

He said: “We have a very strong responsibility to get it right.

“People who have been in difficult situations and stuff like that, we can step in.

“If we are wrong about something that can become the focus, we want to make sure everything is correct for them.

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“There have been cars where we’ve said ‘listen, the paint job is good but it’s not award winning’.

“But that doesn’t matter because we have to return that car to that person next week.

“In fact, having that many years, months or days with the car is more important than the quality of the paint, so just bring them this beloved car so they can enjoy it.

“Get out on the roads and enjoy it for the reason they got it in the first place.”

Because SOS returns to National Geographic with a new season 10 broadcast Thursdays at 8 p.m. from 10 a.m.e March

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