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CAR enthusiasts warmed up enjoying the sight of gleaming classic vehicles.

Clacton Classic Car Show delighted petrol lovers as vehicles pulled up to the Plow Corner Playground.

Thousands of car enthusiasts were able to examine and admire a range of classic cars and motorcycles, American cars and military vehicles – and even a homemade motor tricycle.

The cut-off point for cars was 2002, allowing free entry for presenters with models over 20 years old.

There was also a variety of traders, as well as live performances from Rich Clifford and the Young Once on the day.

Event organizer and Clacton Classic Car Club President Colin Wintle estimates there were over 600 cars and over 2,000 people at the packed event.

The event was the first of the biannual events, with the second taking place on Saturday, August 28.

All proceeds from both events are distributed to Clacton charities.

The Fifth Clacton Scouts helped manage the crowded parking lot and will receive a portion of the proceeds from the event.

Mr Wintle said: “I’m proud of the record turnout, especially as it was the first we’ve held in three years.

“Reading the comments on Facebook makes me even happier, seeing how much fun people had.

“It’s always a gamble to hold events because you don’t know how many people you’ll have, it was great to see so many classic cars and like-minded enthusiasts.

“I would like to say thank you to everyone who came to exhibit, as well as everyone who attended – you made the show as great as it was. Without exhibitors, we wouldn’t have a show.

“I’m grateful to everyone who came and to the committee that helped organize it. At the next show on August 28.

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