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MELBOURNE – A vintage car show will be held January 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in historic Green Gables at Historic Riverview Village, located at 1501 S. Harbor City Blvd. in Melbourne.

Green Gables, which was built in 1896 according to, will host approximately 65 cars at the event, according to Marion Ambrose, president of Green Gables at Historic Riverview Village, Inc.

“They will be parked all around the Green Gables lot and people will be able to come onto the lot for free and enjoy it,” Ms. Ambrose said.

Ms. Ambrose explained that each person who registers a vehicle will pay a registration fee of $ 10 “We’re going to have trophies and dash plates for them and goody bags and things like that. “

During the event, customers will also be able to take a tour of Green Gables for $ 10, Ms. Ambrose noted, adding that these tours are how funds are raised.

“First of all, we like to show the house. Everyone who comes, all says the same thing they find it really enchanting and they are surprised because a lot of people didn’t even know we were there and then the people who knew we were there remember us there. a long time when the house was really in really bad shape, the land was overgrown with vegetation and things like that, ”Ms. Ambrose said. “There have been so many changes in recent years. The house is fully furnished with period furniture.

Ms Ambrose also said that “more and more people” come to the house on weekends and also take part in tours.

“We run programs. We have an education program. We do tours. We have scouts working on their badges with us. We run home school groups as part of our education program, and then every month we run events for the community, so we’ve come a really long way in just a few years.

Ms Ambrose also indicated that food and drink will also be available at the event, and added that the hope is for the show to become an annual event.

Additionally, a charity event for Green Gables will be held at the Fraternal Order of Police at 1049 Julia Drive in Melbourne with radio host, author and speaker Jeffrey Wands on Friday, January 21 from 6:45 to 9:45 p.m. at this event are $ 35.

Those interested in more information can call 321-794-8901 or visit

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