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Nigerian entertainer Davido has reportedly spent millions of naira on a new Range Rover for his claimed new girlfriend.

It came just days after footage surfaced of Davido’s ex-fiancee Chioma relaxing in Dubai.

Rumor has it Davido’s new girlfriend took to Instagram to show off a video of herself happily accepting the automobile.

We found out that Davido liked the photo among the celebratory comments on his Instagram comment box.

Some admirers reacted as expected, confirming Davido’s romantic connection to the lady.

Others advised her to take advantage of the singer’s wealth as she was on her free time.

  • pershenz wrote: if you followed her at a glance you would know better.!!!!
  • favor_fab wrote: Davido was even at his birthday party earlier this year
  • ecia_dams wrote: Davido and the dark skinned girls na 5&6
  • fred_kella wrote: Mk she benefits it’s her turn the D will join everyone

Davido attacked a troll who confronted him on social media over a post.

It comes after Davido shared a selfie of himself returning from the gym on his Instagram story.

The troll, who was offended by the tweet, stormed Davido’s DM, asking him to be brave and stop his childish posts because he doesn’t need to brag all the time.

Davido responded by slamming the troll, saying that instead of trolling him, he should have sought treatment and he would die of misery.

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