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In what appeared to be a strange accident, a multi-million rupee automatic vehicle was mounted on a trash can after the driver accidentally depressed the accelerator pedal rather than the brake.

The incident took place in the UK and local police shared two photos of the vehicle worth around £ 25,000 (PKR 5.82 million) on their Facebook page.

They said the incident happened after the driver mistook driving for the accelerator for reverse.

“A driver who had a newly acquired automatic vehicle got into reverse driving and parked in the garbage can. Our apologies if you were unable to access the store parking lot while the vehicle was being collected. Fortunately, the trash can came out almost unscathed as we managed to put it back in place. The damage was reported to the parish council, ”they said.

Although the police apparently dropped the car, netizens weren’t willing to spare him for the costly loss and started making memes of him.

“Its parking lot sucks”, one of the internet users noted while making fun of him while riding the expensive car over the trash can.

This is not the first such incident and previously a luxury sports car, Lamborghini, fell into a lake after the driver confused the accelerator and brake pedals while backing the vehicle.

The accident happened in the Austrian town of Mondsee. The motorist “shuffled” the brake and accelerator pedals and drove his Lamborghini Huracán supercar backwards into the lake.

He managed to escape and swim back to dry land.

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