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The Historic and Classic Vehicle Alliance (HCVA) said there was a “collective will” to deliver “positive results” to the problems. The HCVA lobbied to work with the DVLA to resolve the classic car registration issues.

He said: “The meeting was extremely positive and the discussion very open.

“We recognize the unprecedented challenges facing the DVLA, as well as the frustrations of our members and the larger classic vehicle fraternity.

“It was a pleasure to see the collective will to deliver positive results to these challenges and frustrations.”

He added: “These things take time and while we aim for positive short term results, we urge patience as we establish the historic and classic vehicle user group and strengthen the positive relationship created during this time. first meeting. “

He said the vintage car industry has claimed that working with DVLA may be a “haphazard process”.

Ms Lennard said classic car registrations were a “contentious area” because of the “value of the vehicles”.

She added: “We manage many different user groups for specific, really dedicated stakeholders.

“I’m very happy to see again if we need to do something very specific for the industry and the vintage car market.

“Very happy to win.”

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