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Born November 18, 1984 under the name of Diana Mariam Kurian, better known as Nayanthara, in Bangalore to her parents, Kurian Kodiyattu and Omana Kurian. She had completed her studies in Jamnagar, Delhi and Gujarat. During her college days, Nayanthara had been on numerous model shows and also worked as a part-time model. However, not everyone knows that Nayanthara initially rejected her first film, Manassinakkare, because she was not interested in playing.

After taking her time, Nayanthara had decided that she would only do this one movie, and after that, she would never work in movies again. But his first film, Manassinakkare, had turned out to be a huge box office hit. After that, there was no turning back for the actress, and she had also started to take an interest in the world of theater. So far, Nayanthara has starred in over 75 films and is often regarded as the “South Indian Cinema Superstar Lady”. Today we’re going to dive deep into her personal life and see some of the most cherished things that belong to this gorgeous actress.

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The luxurious collection of cars from Nayanthara

nayanthara superb photo

An actress from South India, Nayanthara is a huge fan of luxury cars, like most other celebrities. Time and time again, the paparazzi have spotted the actress traveling in her high-end cars, which are no longer presented. From BMW to Audi, Nayanthara’s car collection is nothing but a dream garage for almost anyone.

audi car nayanthara

Coming to the Nayanthara Car Collection, the stunning actress is the proud owner of BMW X5, which is estimated to be priced at around Rs. 75.21 lakhs. Another classy car parked in Nayanthara’s garage is the luxury Audi Q7. The Road Ranger is one of the most iconic cars of this generation and is almost every celebrity’s favorite car. With prominent features and outrageous build quality, the price of the Audi Q7 from Nayanthara is estimated to be around Rs. 80 lakhs.

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Nayanthara BMW X5 audi Q7 cars

Moving on to his collection of premium cars, Nayanthara also owns the luxurious BMW 7 Series, which cost him around Rs. 1.75 crore. Another monstrous beast parked in Nayanthara’s garage is the Mercedes Benz GLS 350 D, which is his most favorite car.

BMW 7 series nayanthara car collection

Time and time again, photographers have spotted Nayanthara touring the sets of his films in this chic car. The price of the Mercedes Benz GLS 350 D would be around Rs. 1.5 crore.

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The two chic apartments of Nayanthara in Hyderabad

nayanthara house hyderabad

Although she is in Chennai most of the time, due to her professional commitments, it is quite surprising to digest the fact that Nayanthara has neither bought nor rented any property in the city. According to reports, Nayanthara prefers to stay in hotels while in town. However, the actress owns two luxurious apartments in Hyderabad, the place where her soul rests. The actress always does her best to go there and have a good time with her parents and other family members.


nayanthara house boyfriend vignesh shivan

mother house nayanthara

According to a report, Nayanthara apartments in Hyderabad are even more lavish and upscale than most five-star suites in the city. From well-furnished dining and living rooms to breathtaking chandeliers in different parts of the houses, the actress has spent a lot of money on these two apartments.

nayanthara house

Although the price of the two apartments is still unknown, it is clear that Nayanthara had spent a considerable amount on these properties.

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Nayanthara’s exotic way of life


Besides her formidable acting skills, Nayanthara is also admired and followed by a large part of young girls for her bewitching fashion quotient. Whether it’s knocking everyone’s jaw off with her stunning outfits or making the headlines for donning dresses worth lakhs or crores, Nayanthara never misses an opportunity to stand out.

nayanthara private jet vignesh shivan

Nayanthara’s lifestyle indeed deserves a separate mention, as the actress has been seen traveling in a private jet by the media, time and time again. Last year, Nayanthara was spotted traveling in a private jet with her filmmaker boyfriend, Vignesh Shivan, and according to reports, the theft cost her around Rs. 40 lakhs. Well that says a lot about the chic and super expensive lifestyle of Nayanthara which is indeed a dream for many celebrities!

Nayanthara’s Net Worth

nayanthara superb sari

According to a report from Zoom Digital, Nayanthara’s net worth is around Rs. 71 crore. Speaking of her salary, the actress charges around Rs. 3 crore for a film project. Nayanthara is one of the highest paid actresses in Indian cinema.

nayanthara superb photo

In 2018, she was on Forbes India’s “100 Celebrity” list and became the only South Indian actress to make the prestigious list.

Regarding his personal life, Nayanthara currently enjoys a stable relationship with popular director Vignesh Shivan.

Cover and images courtesy: Nayanthara

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