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” class=”lazy img-responsive” data-src=” the-most-expensive-car-collection-of-lionel-messi-920×518.jpg” width=”920″ height=”518″ alt=”From the Range Rover Vogue to the Ferrari F430 Spyder: the collection of Lionel Messi’s most expensive car” />

Lionel Messi is currently one of the best players in the sport, or probably the best the world of football has ever seen. And surely the best player in the world should have amazing cars that would be parked in his garage.

The list you’re about to see includes some exotic cars we can only fantasize about! The 33-year-old Argentinian player is the proud owner of some of the most incredible equipment in the world! So what exactly are we waiting for? Let’s start!

The Audi series

For a long time, Audi was the main sponsor of FC Barcelona. As a result, all gamers are frequently spotted driving Audis. Messi also has an RS6, a Q7 and an A7. Messi is frequently seen in these vehicles. Messi also has an R8 V10 Spyder in addition to his standard Audis. We can only assume that Messi is fascinated by rings!

Mercedes SLSAMG

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is one of the company’s best-designed vehicles. The SLS is powered by a 6.2-litre DOHC V8 engine. It’s a very expensive car, but for a footballer who ranks first on the Forbes list of the richest footballers in the world, nothing seems out of reach! Among Lionel Messi’s automobiles, this is one of the finest and most exquisite.

Ferrari F430 Spider

Another fast exotic automobile has arrived! The Ferrari F430 Spider, along with the two other supercars mentioned above, are all in Messi’s garage. Messi has the Ferrari F430, which is a convertible fast vehicle that is popular among footballers. This one is powered by a 4.3-liter Ferrari F136 E V8 that produces 503 horsepower.

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