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Billie Joe Armstrong’s car has been stolen. And the Green Day singer-guitarist needs your help to get it back.

The punk-rock icon recently took to Twitter asking for help finding his classic Chevy.

“My car was a STOLEN 1962 Chevy II,” Armstrong tweeted. “This car is dear to all of our hearts and has been part of the GD family for over 30 years. Please send any observations, advice or information to the Costa Mesa Police. Incident # 2015,2016. Please call 714-754-5280 please repost and find this car!! »

Armstrong includes photos of the car in the tweet, which you can see below.

Fans are definitely rallying behind Armstrong in this endeavor. He asked them to repost (aka retweet) and they did just that. So far, Armstrong’s tweet has been retweeted some 1,700 times. He was also “quoted” (New to Twitter? That’s a retweet with the quoter’s comment) on Twitter about 350 times.

It has also been liked nearly 3,800 times.

No word on whether any progress has been made on locating the vehicle.

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