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Tristan loved his manual cars, but had a small incident on a mountain bike that severely damaged his left ankle. This means that there is no change for a while. He’s looking for something affordable with two pedals, but doesn’t want to give up on having fun.

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Here is the scenario:

I used to throw away manual RWD cars like they were disposable (they are) but broke my ankle doing extreme stuff on a mountain bike. My left ankle. The fun ankle. So now I need an automatic which is still fun to drive. I know there are some guys out there who make drift cars, but I could also be convinced to get into drag racing.

What I’m looking for: AUTOMATIC 🙁 easy and inexpensive to tune or modify, good handling, all-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, must be fun and a little light but great power is just a bonus for me. Cargo space is not important but would be if I don’t like being able to put a bike rack in the back or on the roof (or a hitch) for when I can possibly go mountain biking again. cars, I hope to keep this one a little longer Not against a wagon or hatch, but I really don’t like the forward drive.

As for the budget, I have about $ 10,000 to spend.

Fast facts:

Budget: $ 10,000

Daily driver: Yes

Site: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wants: Automatic transmission, power, pleasure

Will not : Front-wheel Drive

Expert 1: Tom McParland – If you don’t feel the clutch, feel the power

Image: Autotrader

Image: Autotrader

Tristan, sorry to hear about your ankle. You certainly want to relax a bit, but this could be an opportunity to open up to another world of cars.

My take on this scenario is that if you want to buy an automatic car, only buy something that was never available with a manual to begin with. That way you don’t think you will miss another experience with that same car. The other point is that if all you have to worry about is crushing gasoline and brakes, you should get the most out of the gas pedal, and that means something with a V8.

I know you mentioned something that you can tune for maximum horsepower, but what if you could get a ton of horsepower right out of the box? What you need is this 2004 Mercedes E55 AMG. Under the hood is a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 with 469 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, and it’s also an extremely comfortable car to ride.

Now, does this particular example appear to be a risky business being sold by what could be a shady dealer? Sure, but even if it blows you up after a year, you can at least say you own a Mercedes AMG with a monstrous V8.

If the Benz seems to cost you $ 10,000 to buy and $ 20,000 to repair, maybe try one of these. Dodge Charger Police Cruises. They are cheap, durable, and have Hemi V8 horsepower. Plus the Philly parking lot sucks and maybe if people think you’re a cop (don’t pretend you’re a cop) you can dodge a few parking tickets.

Expert 2: Kristen Lee – Did anyone say electricity is stupid and cheap?

Image from the article titled Broken Ankle and Need a Fun, Cheap Auto Car!  What should i buy?

I’m sorry to hear about your injury, Tristan! It’s really unfortunate, but at least you don’t let that stop you from driving and having fun. Huge power, cheap and stupid, you say? Look no further than the Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor.

Mod or no mod, these things are awesome. And, as the saying goes, they don’t really make them like that anymore: V8, body-to-chassis, rear-wheel drive, sedan and American. Loved by the cops near and far, it is an institution.

It’s a car that can take abuse and because Ford has made a lot of it, I don’t think parts will be hard to find. You run the risk of everyone on the road thinking you’re a cop, but depending on what type of person you are, it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Definitely go to a police auction if you are looking for one. Especially if you want to see cheap stuff. But if strolling isn’t your idea of ​​fun, here’s a 2011 model for sale for just $ 5,590.

Expert 3: Patrick George – People forget it came with a car

Image from the article titled Broken Ankle and Need a Fun, Cheap Auto Car!  What should i buy?

You are still an enthusiast even if the three-pedal life is not for you. It is well established. Fortunately, we live in a time when automatic transmissions are better than ever: lots of gears, lots of quick gear changes, lots of options.

I would love to offer you a Volkswagen GTI with the wonderful DSG dual clutch automatic transmission, one of the best transmissions on the planet. But at $ 10,000, any used GTI you get will hurt more than even your broken ankle.

When I go cheap, I usually suggest going Japanese. And do you have seen just how cheap has the Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 gotten lately? There aren’t many around ten thousand dollars – you might want to increase that budget to $ 15,000 if you can – but they’re a hell of a bargain these days. And they come with a slushbox.

here is a six-speed automatic BRZ near you for just $ 9,500 with just 79,000 miles. It’s a hell of a deal. While the automatic isn’t as fun as the shifter Toyobaru, it doesn’t kill the soul like a CVT WRX. And you can still have fun in RWD this way. It might just be a temporary fix that you might like in the long run.

Expert 4: Erik Shilling – Running belt only increases power

Image from the article titled Broken Ankle and Need a Fun, Cheap Auto Car!  What should i buy?

You should get a Mustang Cobra SVT. I did not find any after a brief search in Mystichrome, but maybe you can. This one, for $ 8,000, however, seems perfectly appropriate. It’s an automatic, and makes 390 horsepower.

There are also ground effects, which are silly, but the right kind of silly, if you’re in a good mood. Sometimes you have to focus on being bad, to make good feel even better.

And he’s got a fucking racing stripe. Look, I’m not saying it would be a good choice, exactly, but it would be a choice. You could certainly fit a bicycle rack there. This is your chance to go a little wild and a little lowbrow. Grab it.

Correction, 2:20 p.m.: I’m a gullible idiot who believed that a Craigslist ad purportedly sold SVT but actually isn’t. I should have known better, and I’m sorry. Instead, I’ll offer two alternatives, the two 1990 Mustangs and both with 5.0s. They are not fast at first, but the aftermarket is a hugesd perfect examples are amazing.

First of all, a convertible:

Image from the article titled Broken Ankle and Need a Fun, Cheap Auto Car!  What should i buy?

And second, a cut (that you can save from a shit owner):

Image from the article titled Broken Ankle and Need a Fun, Cheap Auto Car!  What should i buy?

Both cost around $ 10,000 and would be the start of something big. – ES

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