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The passion of car enthusiasts has no limits. While it’s not uncommon to spend millions of dollars on cars, some spend a lot on a specific license plate. And, when there’s one that reads “F1” – a world-famous acronym for Formula One – the stakes are high. Owned by a man in the UK, this car number plate has, more than once, been registered as the most expensive car number plate in the world. It was first purchased by Afzal Khan in 2008, a British citizen, who runs a company named Project Kahn, which is an automotive design company.

It is the most expensive license plate in the world and it costs Rs 132 crore

Before we get into the details of the world’s most expensive car license plate, let’s get to know the second most expensive – owned by a resident of the United Arab Emirates. Through Khaleej weather, the number AA9 was sold at 38 million Dhs, or approximately Rs 77 crore. The AA9 license plate was sold at a charity auction in Dubai and the proceeds were sent to charitable trusts.

Going back to the world’s most expensive car license plate, the ultra-popular F1 license plate is registered on a Bugatti Veyron owned by Afzal Khan. It is interesting to note that the exorbitant price of Rs 132 crore on the license plate is actually much higher than the price of the Bugatti Veyron, which reminds you, is also one of the most expensive cars in the world. . In an interview excerpt from Khan, taken from ET, when asked about the license plate, he said:

“You can’t put a value on something this rare, to be honest I’m pretty fond of it. The license plate was first registered in 1904 by Essex County Council and Obviously carries the acronym Formula 1, so it’s one of a kind. I had been looking to buy the license plate for some time. When it was made available in 2008, I beat two other buyers potentials to retrieve the Essex County Council plate. The 114 year old registration was previously on a 30,000 pound Volvo S80 used by the council chairman. The council sold it to me in 2008 to raise funds for a charitable organization, which aims to raise the level of young drivers.

Apart from that, based on contributions from the same interview, Khan also owns a few other license plates which are also quite expensive. Its first special license plate – KHA 17 – was purchased for 700 pounds (Rs 71,000). Khan then sold it for a huge profit at 6,000 pounds (Rs 6 lakh). Its collection is extensive and includes 4 HRH (His Or Her Royal Highness), 1 PDG, WED 111N, K4 AHN, F1 PET and ROV 3R.


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