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A FAMOUS funny man has revealed how two Essex garages helped fuel his love for retro cars.

Comedian Jon Culshaw is famous for his wacky impressions, starring in the Dead ringtones Radio 4 show as well as other hilarious projects.

But Jon is also a car enthusiast and one of his great passions is collecting vintage vehicles.

Speaking on a popular car podcast Fill upJon has revealed how a specialist garage in Halstead helped him achieve one of his car dreams.

Jon said: “I love Fords. I think it’s reminiscent of the 1970s love sparked by watching Life of Mars with that wonderful GXL Cortina.

“I started to think it would be really interesting to try to find a Ford from the 1970s.

“Eventually I found a place in Essex called Affordable Classics that had a few.

“I first had a Ford Granada Mk1, or a Consul, should I say.”

Jon then took his new found pride and joy to Carisma Auto Design in Colchester.

He said: “I tracked down the place that did all the restorations on Pimp My Ride UK which is in Colchester.

“A wonderful guy called Ronnie repainted them and just recut them.

“I had a 1974 Consul and a 1972 Cortina Mk3 in the same garage.

“I also had a 1974 Mk1 Granada Gear that once belonged to Practical Classics magazine.

“I think a vicar once owned it and he sold it to Practical Classics and they then drove it to Poland I think, filled the trunk with pork pies and brought it back.

“It was a beautiful golden Granada Mk1 with lovely velor seats.

“Now I have a Ford Granada Mk1, a silver one from 1974, which was actually used in the Channel 4 TV show, The curse.

“I have another one in Colchester, a Mk 1 Granada Coupe in Miami Blue which is with Ronnie being restored at the moment.”

The impressionist had co-hosted Dave Vitty and Jason Plato in hysterics during the episode as he impersonated Patrick Moore, David Attenborough and Jeremy Clarkson.

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