Do you want to go to high school or college? Or do you have children who would like to leave. Then you must have found money to fund the stay.

It is definitely not cheap and many families will find it difficult to find the 40-60,000 dollars that it costs quickly. Good Finance therefore looks into your loan options in this article.

If you do not already have an impression of the prices, we will also make you clearer what to expect.

You can borrow money for your stay online

You can borrow money for your stay online

Has the bank already said no?

Most people reading this article will already know the exact cost of college or after-school stay. Otherwise, it is at least the first thing you need to find in order to assess your money needs.

Many are searching for opportunities online because the bank has already said no. Is that also the case for you? Either way, the online loan options are better than long seen.

The providers have become more numerous, it is easier than ever with Easy ID’s signature and then interest rates of up to 5-10% can be obtained from several loan companies.

So if you need +/- 50,000 dollars, there is no need to despair. Many providers are ready to help you and it is completely free to apply with them. Good Finance gives you an overview of all the leading online loan companies.

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You should expect the following requirements to be met:

  • Over 18 years
  • Fixed income
  • No RKI
  • Danish citizen / resident

Price of after-school stay

Price of after-school stay

The price of an after-school stay is relatively easy to investigate. At Loan and Credit you can enter the school, your income and the number of children. From this comes a fixed calculation of the price, including the student support you receive from the state.

You should note that the higher your income as a family, the less student support and the more children the more. So these are the two parameters that influence the size of the expense.

You will find that the price level ranges widely, from 40,000 to 60,000 USD, depending on school choice and family circumstances.

Price of college stay

Price of college stay

The price of a college education is immediately harder to find. It will often require that you already know exactly where you are going.

For the price will depend on whether it is long or short courses. What type of college you should start and much more. So the price must be based on the following general rule:

  • According to Good Credit, a week at a college is thought to cost from USD 1,000 – 2,500 a week.
  • The long courses at the country’s colleges typically last up to 40 weeks.

In other words, the price can thus range really wide.

We hope you have become aware of your options for borrowing money for after-school or college education. Both are expensive, but luckily you have 6-7 good providers online that can lend you $ 40,000 and up.

Banks have become very strict in their demands for you as a consumer and here the providers online have become an excellent alternative – but remember to get more loan offers now.