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The most expensive vehicle in the world remains a Ferrari. Yes, the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO is still the most expensive car in the world, despite the fact that many Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces now hold the title of most expensive and luxurious vehicle. Anyone who owns a Ferrari can attest to the high cost of buying and maintaining the vehicle.

Sports cars, on the other hand, can be had for less than $100,000 and are significantly more affordable than supercars. Sports cars have become a great way to live the life of your dreams because of this trend.

The 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO is considered the most expensive automobile in the world. The asking price for this vintage Ferrari is $70 million. This is due to the fact that only 36 of these models were produced over a two-year period (1962-64). If you want to make a comparison, the $8.3 million Veneno Roadster is the most expensive Lamborghini out there.

A report claims that the vehicle won the Tour de France Automobile, a sports car competition held on French roads. Notably, the vehicle won its ninth consecutive championship in the previous nine years. At Le Mans, he was also placed.

In terms of speed and performance, the car can reach a top speed of 280.03 km/h and can do a 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. Back when Ferrari was making it, the car was said to be the fastest in the world.

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and Jon A. Shirley, the former CEO and chairman of Microsoft, are among those who currently own the most expensive car of all time.

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