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What is one thing that all classic car owners have in common? Regardless of the brand, we all get that feeling of nostalgia when we’re behind the wheel. For those who want to recapture that youthful feel, or for those like me who feel like they were born in the wrong era, our classics are a chance to step back in time.

That said, there are compromises we can make with the present. Adding modern technology to an old car is certainly not a new or revolutionary idea. However, IDIDIT’s push to start ignition is new and offers features that make classic cruising more modern.

In conjunction with VAIS technologies, IDIDIT has launched a new push-button ignition system to replace your old, probably stripped-down key and cup setup. This system is designed to mount directly to your dash or to fit one of IDIDIT’s aftermarket steering columns.

The ignition is equipped with modern proximity sensing technology. IDIDIT’s new push-to-start ignition system uses SEER (Smart Entry Exit Recognition) technology to bring modern comfort to your classic car or truck.

SEER technology works in several stages. When you approach the vehicle more than 15 feet away, the system recognizes the key fob you are carrying and turns on the headlights. Once you are within 15 feet, the hazard or parking lights will flash. Less than five feet away, the doors unlock. Upon entering the vehicle and the ignition activates. All you have to do is press the button and go. IDIDIT indicates that distances may vary for certain applications and installations.

The price for the 25mm knob (dash mount only) and 22mm knob (column or dash mount) is $909.75 on their website. This may vary depending on the dealership you choose. Both kits include the button, a control module and a PTS module. It will also be delivered with several antennas, a support for these antennas and two key rings. For applications with a low voltage tachometer signal you will also need to purchase a $20 adapter.

This may not be a desired addition for all classic car owners. The next time you unfold a hanger because you’re locked out or you’re shaking and put your key in the door locks for five minutes, be sure to think about that option before you throw something by. anger. It might be a modern compromise worth making.

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