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Georges Kern, the high-octane CEO of Breitling, has spoken at length lately about the rapid “relaxation” of luxury. A sister quality to “inclusive luxury,” where the corduroy is hidden (for now), relaxed luxury is defined by softer colors and materials and a philosophy that encourages us all to relax a bit. Working from home has accelerated the trend – drawstring flannel pants, once recognized as pajamas, are now a perfectly acceptable outfit for the well-heeled. Just last week I went to a chic watch brand dinner and the CEO proudly wore a pair.

In watchmaking, Breitling under Kern has been one of the flagship of the trend – informally, of course – combining its history and its watches with luminaries from the relaxed worlds of surfing and triathlon, as well as lounge lizards in leather jacket such as as Brad Pitt. Earlier this year he stepped back and presented us with the limited edition Top Time Deus Ex Machina, an earthy piece created with the motorcycle brand and earlier paired with oily overalls than a sports coat.

On the heels of this model this morning, here is the news from Breitling’s Top Time Classic Cars Squad, a capsule collection of three watches that put on the wrist the gritty, flame-licked – and distinctly laid back – world of 1960s sports cars. .

The trio takes up the stories and some of the most memorable colorways of the gloriously slender Chevrolet Corvette C2 “Sting Ray” (black and red), the original Ford “pony car”, the compact and affordable Mustang (green and brown). ) and Carroll. Shelby’s amazing little Cobra (blue and brown), the ankle-biting Anglo-American racing car with the big-block engine. All the icons of the post-war American dream, each lending a vigorous, naturally aspirated V8 growl to Breitling’s mid-range steel chronograph.

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