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A Low mileage 2005 Porsche Carrera GT supercar recently won the title of the most expensive car sold on the popular online auction site Bring a Trailer (BaT), with the winning bid eclipsing US $ 1.9 million.

To be more precise, the Porsche – in a fairly basic Guards red interior with a black interior, but showing only 1,255 km (780 miles) on the clock – fetched US $ 1,902,000 (approximately C $ 2.412 million).

When new, the Carrera GT carried an MSRP of around US $ 450,000, and vintage car insurer Hagerty suggests the world’s best wear-free examples are generally valued at around US $ 1.5 million today .

While the Carrera GT is a hugely impressive supercar with a 5.7-liter V10 putting out 605 horsepower and a set of motorsport-derived technologies, the one thing that really sets this car apart from the roughly 600 others built is its immaculate condition, which may chalk to having seen very little asphalt under its tires.

Content of the article

(Okay, and we called it ‘base’, but only 40 came in Guard Red, a comeback color worn by Porsches since the ’60s, which may have also helped.)

The car was delivered with its original papers and accessories, including a set of adapted luggage; and saw 35 bids (and probably the most comments on a BaT auction) before it was secured by its new owner on January 5, 2022.

The previous record holder was a 1935 Duesenberg convertible which, in June 2021, had sold on BaT for $ 1.34 million.

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