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Due to the massive attendance of visitors, the Qatar Classic Car Contest and Exhibition 2021 at Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar, has been extended until Monday, November 22, instead of ending on Saturday.

Abdullatif Ali al Yafei

This was announced on Friday by the management of the Gulf Qatari Classic Car Association.
“The distinguished exhibition, held annually in partnership with United Development Company, has been a great success in terms of creating a platform that showcases historic classic cars,” said Abdullatif Ali al-Yafei, board member administration and secretary.
“In addition to its tourist value, the event plays an important role in educating society on the importance of this facet of Qatari tradition,” he explained.

The event is placed under the patronage of the President of the Museums of Qatar (QM) HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.
The winners of the competition will be announced Monday during a closing ceremony at 7 p.m.
Around fifty luxury vintage models are on display during the event, which includes several rare collections.

Visitors look curiously at the cars

Some old cars

“As of Wednesday, we welcome hundreds of visitors to the site. You can see large crowds moving around and admiring the beautiful machines, ”a spokesperson told * Gulf Times. “People are thrilled to see vintage premium cars which are rare parts.
“We are delighted with the public response and expect more people to visit the exhibit tomorrow (Saturday). “
“We have five categories of contests for the competition,” the spokesperson continued. “The first category is for cars from 1947 and before, and the second category is for cars from 1948-1957.”
“The other categories are: 1958-1964; 1965-1974 and 1975-1991.

Another vintage beauty

Another group of cars

The President of the Gulf Qatari Classic Car Association, HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani, Vice President Omar Alfardan and several other dignitaries were present at the inaugural ceremony.
The winning cars will be ranked as: Best Car Award in each category; Prize for the car best represented among the participating cars; Price of the most original and best maintained car without renewal, and the price of the most elegant car.

A set of cars at the exhibition

The best cars will be selected by a special jury appointed by the International Classic Car Federation.
Winning cars must be unanimously approved by all members of the jury.
The organizers also hope that the exhibition will encourage investment in classic cars and shed light on its history in Qatar, in addition to showcasing the different stages of development and reinvention that the vintage car industry has gone through and will motivate more enthusiasts. collectible vintage and classic cars. .

Another view of the 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom. PHOTOS: Thajudheen

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