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Racha Ravi bought an expensive car..

On the occasion of the Dussehra festival, it seems that celebrities bought new cars on a large scale to celebrate the Dussehra festival. In that order, along with actress Keerthy Suresh, TV actors also bought newcomers on a massive scale. People like Viva Harsha, Bitthiri Satthi, Shanmukh Jaswant, Shiva Jyoti bought expensive cars. In this footage, comedian Racha Ravi, who gained a lot of recognition through Jabardast, also bought a new car for the Dussehra festival.


Bitthiri Satthi bought a Range Rover car to match his lineup and Shanmukh Jaswant Shivjyoti bought a BMW car. Otherwise, Viva Harsha bought an Audi car. In this order, Rachcha Ravi also announced on social media that he bought a Nexa Grand Vitara car. Rachcha Ravi, who was featured as a comedian through the Jabardast program, has also received film opportunities thanks to the recognition he gained through the program.

Rachcha Ravi, who is very busy with a series of film opportunities, left the Jabardasth program but returned to Mallemala. Rachcha Ravi has bought a new car on the occasion of Dussehra, where many films make a big noise through the TV programs.

In this order, Rachcha Ravi shared the video and photos of the new car on the social media platform. It seems that this car he bought cost more than 20 lakhs. Fans congratulate Rachcha Ravi on a large scale on the purchase of such an expensive car.

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