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Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi from 90 day fiance showed off his expensive new purchase to fans after all the drama about their departure to Tunisia. Zied and Rebecca, one of the popular TLC couples for their large age gaps, were featured on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 3. Rebecca had met Zied on Facebook and started talking to him without ever revealing his real face. The photoshopped photo of Rebecca’s catfish also ended up on Zied’s t-shirt when he went to meet her at the airport during her first visit to Tunisia. Cultural differences and a language barrier, along with the fact that Rebecca is still married to her third ex-husband, almost led to her split with Zied.


However, the couple got married in 90 day fiance season 8 when Zied moved to America on a K-1 visa. Further problems had arisen between Zied and Rebecca when he wanted to set a wedding date as soon as possible due to Ramadan. Zied said he couldn’t stay with 90 day fiance celeb Rebecca as an unmarried couple during the holy month. Eventually, the wedding took place during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, just before the start of Ramadan. However, the problems didn’t end for Rebecca and Zied when they returned to 90 day logs to reveal what happened to them after their marriage.

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In a June episode, Zied expressed his wish to visit his family in Tunisia, but Rebecca did not feel well about the idea, thinking that if he left, Zied would never return to America. However, Rebecca joined Zied on the trip and even stayed with him in Tunisia for five whole months. Upon their return, the couple shopped for a new car. Rebecca posted a video on her Instagram where she and 90 day fiance husband Zied were at EchoPark in Marietta, GA, while excitedly shouting, “We just bought a new car.“In her caption, Rebecca wrote that they are delighted to have”another jeep.” She added, “top and the doors are closed and the road trips are coming.”

Rebecca explained how they found the perfect car online and it was so easy for them to buy it. She informed her IG followers that this was not a paid ad, but she really appreciated the service provided by the EchoPark staff member. In Rebecca’s comments, a fan wrote, “I love the wrangler!!! I have so much fun driving it!!as they asked him and Zied to enjoy their brand new set of wheels. Meanwhile, Rebecca 90 day fiance co-star Tiffany Franco Smith commented: “My dream car” and Evelin Villegas also wrote that she loves Jeeps. Another fan asked Rebecca: “Why did you get this after six months of vacation???

Rebecca faced many challenges while Zied was in Tunisia. She feared losing both of their incomes if they took a long vacation, as Zied had started working at a furniture store and she was working from home as a virtual account manager. Rebecca was seen wearing a neck brace in one of her videos from Tunisia. She was also unable to find a place to rent in the United States while she was out of the country and began to stress. When it was time for Rebecca to return home, Zied was held up in Tunisia, unable to fly to Canada for a visa-free layover. However, it seems that the 90 day fiance the pair’s troubles have ended since they got together, though it’s unclear if they’ve managed to keep their jobs.

Source: Rebecca Parrot/Instagram

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