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The sales consultant called to tell me that he had a Silver Slavia 1.5 DSG and that was probably the last car that would be available from their dealership with all features intact.

BHPian AdvanceStarter recently shared his with other enthusiasts.

We finally received delivery of our Slavia 1.5 DSG on June 3. We had booked it at the beginning of April and had chosen the color Crystal Blue. In early May, the sales consultant said he had an allocation for the colors White, Carbon Steel and Silver for May and had no idea when Crystal Blue would be available. So we changed the color to carbon steel.

In the meantime, there was news about the infotainment system being downgraded to a smaller system accompanied by feature deletions and a price increase as the icing on the cake. I was also considering canceling my reservation in case I didn’t get a car with all features intact for the original price. Just then on the 27th of May the sales consultant called me to say that he had a Silver Slavia 1.5 DSG and that was probably the last car that would be available from their dealership with all the features intact . He also said that they had received an internal communication stating that the Carbon Steel color would have a 4 month waiting period from now and that a price increase of 50-60,000 was imminent anytime in early June. .

I was away from the station for the weekend so I told him to keep the car for me and that I would visit the showroom to check the car out on Monday May 30th. Basically it was a now or never situation and we didn’t mind changing the color so we could get a car.

So my brother and I headed to the Panjim showroom on May 30 and this was our first look at the Silver Slavia:

The first impression was that the silver color was definitely better in real life than we thought. The sales consultant then unlocked the car and we spent a good 30 minutes checking everything. I couldn’t find anything wrong and decided to go ahead with the purchase. We told him that we would like to take delivery on Friday June 3rd.

By May 31, the dealer had sent the car for PDI to the service center, full payment was made and registration was done. Having taken the extended warranty till 6th year along with Skoda maintenance package worth Rs. 24,498 for 4 years.

Immediately after delivery of the car. Dad takes the wheel for the first time:

A few additional photos. Click on the first visit to the temple after delivery:

The Silver color is definitely growing on me. It looks beautiful and elegant on the Slavia, brings out all the creases and character lines more. The paint quality is also very good and gives the car the impression that the car is carved from a solid block of steel.

Skoda Slavia driving impressions:

The first few days were spent getting used to the automatic transmission. It’s our family’s first automatic car and for the first few rides we had to consciously remind ourselves to keep the left foot away from the pedals. Soon we got acquainted with the features of the car’s engine and gearbox. So far I haven’t had a chance to ride it much on open roads and most of the driving has been in smooth traffic at 40-80 km/h on normal roads at 2 ways from Goa. To sum up the experience in one word so far – smooth! I can’t wait to take it to more open roads and unleash the true potential of the engine and gearbox.

The ride quality seems to be pretty sorted. The car rushes rough roads without too much harshness or noise filtering into the cabin.

I will keep you all posted with more details as the days go by.

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