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The top-of-the-line Tata Punch seems overpriced for what it offers and is a small car as well.

BHPian umohan98 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We’re a happy two-car family, with a 2010 Swift Dzire VXi and a 2017 Pre-facelift SCross 1.3. The Dzire is now starting to show its age, with starting issues and brake discoloration. Last year we had a service bill of almost INR 17,000 trying to resolve some of the issues that had arisen. The Dzire is mainly used by my mom, who is a doctor, and therefore these starting issues mean the car has to go.

The new car will be purchased in exchange for the Dzire, and will not be used for more than 2000 km per year, in urban traffic. So, we focused on Automatic Gasoline to replace the car.

We have selected the following cars which we believe meet our criteria:

1) 2020 Dzire ZXi + AMT


  • Everything is good to have features, like Hill Hold Control, Auto Engine Start Stop, leather-wrapped steering
  • Decent space inside
  • Excellent fuel efficiency (24 kmpl claimed, my dad was bowled over by that statistic alone)
  • Manual mode for driving in hilly areas. This is an added advantage because it will be our first automatic car, and we can have more control over the gear changes with it.
  • A new generation K12 compared to the Baleno.
  • Easy to drive
  • A Maruti.

The inconvenients:

  • Bad construction, our 2010 Dzire feels more solid compared to this one
  • Beige Overload indoors, since it rains for about 5 months here, can easily get dirty.
  • Go back to the center of the issues that have been reported, a test drive is needed to understand how serious they are.
  • We don’t feel good inside.
  • Crash Notes from Other Marutis

2) Baleno Alpha CVT


  • Seems more premium than the Dzire
  • Black interiors that get dirty easily and look better.
  • UV glasses
  • CVT, better gearbox technology (maybe?)
  • A little more spacious
  • Nexa service has been good so far with our S-Cross

The inconvenients:

  • Lack of control of Hill Hold
  • Less manual control compared to AMT
  • Lower energy efficiency compared to Dzire.
  • Collision assessments
  • No rear armrest

Other cars that can be considered:

  • Hyundai Aura 1.2 SX AMT
  • Hyundai i20 1.2 Asta IVT or 1.0 Asta IMT

The Hyundai Aura in the 1.2 SX AMT variant also seems to cover the basics quite well, but it will take some time to digest the look. It lacks features like Hill Hold, which seems like a good tech. It’s also not as fuel efficient as the Dzire, at least on paper. But interiors are definitely a lot better, and it feels better built compared to the Maruti.

The i20 will involve stretching the budget by around a lakh and will raise yet another question: IVT vs IMT and Turbo vs Natural Aspiration. IMT still looks like a good technology on paper. The negatives of the Aura also apply here, with no Hill Hold and less fuel economy. Also, I personally don’t like the look of the i20, it looks too stylish to me.

We did not take into account cars from other manufacturers. Tata, although its products are good, does not have an automatic with the Altroz ​​and the Tigor feels small. The Punch in its top variant seems overpriced and is small again. Honda has been reduced to a small manufacturer in India and no longer has the smoothness it had in the 2010s. Also, as we plan to keep this car for a long time, around 10 years, we don’t want the manufacturer to shut down. his studio, say, 6 or 7 years later.

The Dzire adapts to almost all of our requirements. But it doesn’t look like a 10 lakh car. We will most likely buy the car in December so that it can be registered with a 2022 license plate with the BH series.


  1. Is the Baleno 2022 worth the wait, or we opt for the Dzire right away?
  2. How important is Hill Hold Control?
  3. Are CVTs easy going in the hills?
  4. Dzire vs Baleno vs Aura, what would be your recommendation?

Here is what BHPian AJ56 had to say about it:

I would remove Suzuki from the list based solely on the low collision rates, this is a major concern and you should do everything in your power to stack the cards of fate in your favor should the unthinkable happen, besides the build quality is important to you and they feel like tin cans every time you close a door.

Hyundai I would say only consider the i20 as it is the only one in the budget that comes with proper transmissions (not AMT), the interior of the i20 is also higher quality than the Aura. If you’re going to keep the car for a long time, don’t let a slightly higher price stop you from having a better product that you’ll use almost every day for 10 years.

One reason why the Polo is not being considered? It no longer comes with the questionable DQ200 drivetrain and is the best built and safest car you can buy under 10L today.

I know you are against Honda but at least give the Amaze a try as it comes with a very smooth CVT drivetrain around town it is underpowered but for intended use I don’t think this is a compromise . Even if an mfg leaves a market, aftermarket parts are no longer an issue for many years and the Amaze being a mass market car that sells in high volume, will never face such problems even if Honda leaves. after some years.

If you can wait, then wait because it’s only a few months and you can see if the 2022 model offers anything that can change your decision.

Hill holding is nice, but in reality it is strictly optional, because when you stop on an incline you have to apply the handbrake and then increase the power before releasing and you will never roll down, with an automatic transmission is even easier because the clutch does not slip. is necessary, but keep in mind that you can always back up in D if your foot is not on the accelerator and the slope is steep enough.

CVTs are fine in hills, more importantly I would look at horsepower if trying to accelerate at high altitude (lower O2 means engines produce less power than at sea level) + steep incline requires a powerful car unless you “agree with the flooring whenever you want to go ahead with some intention.

Between these 3, Aura anytime.

Here is what Vaudoublaster BHPian had to say about it:

The Seltos GNCAP fiasco does not inspire much confidence in Sonet

The S-Cross to Indian specifications has not been tested by the NCAP

Brezza AT torque converter, while outdated, is reliable

Being an NA motor, he will probably have the fewest headaches in the long run.

Here is what BHPian Chevalier06 had to say about it:

Also take a look at MG Astor. Although I’m not a big fan, but as a product the Astor SUV is a solid product and has a good presence. My family had to learn the hard way to appreciate a good product rather than sticking with a certain company.

Check out BHPian’s reviews for more ideas and information.

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