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She is still taking her driving lessons and this will be her first car. We therefore look for options that have a low maintenance cost.

BHPian kushagra452 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello everyone, My friend has decided to buy her first car. She is a new driver and is currently taking driving lessons. Its budget is a strict 7L – 8L (OTR Delhi). She would prefer a petrol automatic which has a low maintenance cost and is “hassle free”. The car will only be used within the city limits. The monthly run will not exceed 1000-1200 km.


Here is what BHPian AYP had to say about it:

Low maintenance and hassle free in a 7-8L budget means it has to be a Maruti. In Maruti these are the automatic options-

WagonR, Celerio, Ignis, Swift, Dzire and Baleno.

Of these, I think the Ignis Zeta AMT offers the most for its price. You get almost all the features required for this budget, and more. The Ignis also offers 180mm of ground clearance, which is a godsend. The Delta variant can also be considered, but the Zeta offers a lot more features for a small premium. You also have the Swift AMT VXI but it will go slightly over budget while offering fewer features than the Ignis.

Dzire and Baleno are expensive. The Celerio and WagonR are worth checking out, but when the Ignis Zeta is available for the same price as their top variants, IMO I don’t see a case for those cars. The Hyundai i10 Nios Magna AMT is a non-Maruti option that should be considered even though the cost of maintenance and spare parts would be higher than an equivalent Maruti.

Here is what BHPian yedukrishnan199 had to say about it:

Given your budget and preferences, the best options are listed below:

Maruti Suzuki Ignis Zeta 1.2 AMT

The Ignis is a handy little hatch from Maruti that feels much more premium than other options in this segment, is a lightweight car with refined engines delivering peppy performance. The car is a practical urban runabout with a compact footprint, comfortable seats, and a decent interior and bot space. Maruti’s service network, spare parts availability and service are the best you can get from any manufacturer in India.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R ZXI Plus 1.2 AGS

Easy to maneuver car with a sorted ride, a spacious and practical interior and a large trunk. The car is also sufficiently equipped and frugal.

You could also consider the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Magna AMT and the Tata Tiago XTA, but neither of these are as feature-laden or offer a healthy package as Maruti does.

Here is what BHPian lapis_lazuli had to say about it:

I think you should ask him to get a less used Maruti from True Value, “haat saaf”, then buy a new one as confidence increases. Might as well accompany him to True Value!

A new minor car shunt has shaken the confidence of many newbies. Especially in an unforgiving area like NCR, it’s best to start with a beater.

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