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The Today in Manufacturing podcast is brought to you by the editors of and Industrial Equipment News (IEN).

In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing and the implications they have for the future of the industry. This week:

Company fined after production manager dies in thermoforming machine

On November 17, 2021, a production manager was cleaning plastic parts stuck in a thermoforming machine at Encore Plastics in Cambridge, OH, when he became trapped.

Union leaders blast GM over ‘Double Standard’ remote work

GM is seeking to extend the “work appropriate” program to certain salaried factory workers. The idea is to enable working from home where appropriate, such as for administrative tasks, training and e-learning.

USA trains with deadliest record to go faster

The Brightline, America’s first privately owned commuter train, has been implicated in 68 fatalities in just four and a half years of operation.

The most expensive car in the world sold

The world has the most expensive new car, and it’s a Mercedes-Benz.

Man escapes Tesla burning after electronic shutdown

Jamil Jutha was driving a 2021 Tesla Model Y in North Vancouver when all of a sudden the vehicle lost all power to the electronics and stopped. Jutha couldn’t get out, because the doors wouldn’t open and the windows wouldn’t close. Then smoke began to enter through the air vents and fill the cabin.

In case you missed it

Robot Crab is the smallest remote-controlled walking robot ever

Northwestern University engineers have created the smallest remote-controlled walking robot ever. It’s a very small crab.

Wristbands track firefighter exposures to harmful chemicals

Duke University scientists could give doctors and public health officials a new tool to track firefighters’ exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

Here’s how much the highest-paid CEOs earned in 2021

The highest paid executive on the list earns 2,897 times what a typical worker in his company earns and I still don’t understand how we justify that.

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