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Born on March 14, 1988, Stephen Curry is one of the NBA’s most popular basketball players. Currently, Curry plies his trade with the Golden States Warriors in the league. Notably, the star NBA player has won three NBA championships and was twice named the NBA’s most valuable player. A point guard, Curry is widely considered the greatest three-point shooter as well as the greatest point guard in NBA history.

After finding great success on the basketball court, the NBA superstar has built up an impressive fleet of cars. Curry owns many cars, such as his Infiniti Q50, Range Rover, G-Wagon, Model X or Panamera Turbo S. Although these are quite impressive and expensive in their respective ways, Curry’s 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS is the most expensive car. in his garage, with a starting price of $175,000.

Here are some reasons to validate Curry’s purchase of the 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

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Stephen Curry’s Most Expensive Car Features Sleek Porsche Design

Lava Orange 911 Porsche GT3RS Side Profile
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The best part of a Porsche is the effort behind the design and engineering of it all. Even to the untrained eye, people will be able to notice several differences between this Porsche and some others. If it wasn’t the “GT3RS” on the side that didn’t reveal it, then it could be the big wing at the rear of the track car.

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS features a traditional German car interior, which generally means it is elegant and luxurious. Although it features a “Porsche interior”, it was certainly not designed to be comfortable. The “RS” in the name distinguishes this Porsche from others. RS stands for Rennsport, a German term that translates to “racing sport”. While a regular Porsche 911 and a GT3RS may look alike, that’s far from the truth. The GT3 RS is a step below Porsche’s Cup Cars, which were specifically designed and engineered for track use only.

The GT3 RS featured carbon fiber bucket seats, to accommodate the driver and aid in weight reduction. Porsche needed brakes that could perform under high stresses, so the GT3 RS featured carbon-ceramic brakes paired with 16.1-inch rotors. These alone were a $10,000 option. To put that into perspective, the rotor is larger than the wheels on some vehicles. It also featured a large rear wing, roll cage and other track-oriented amenities. Keeping that in mind, there’s no entertainment system to further promote weight reduction, making it a track-worthy car.

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The 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS: Great downforce and increased performance

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The aerodynamic components that are included further differentiate the Rennsport and regular Porsche models. The aerodynamics that help this Porsche are remarkable and really help the track car put in an impressive time. The GT3 RS features a large rear wing capable of providing 500 lbs of downforce alone. With help from the fender vents, rear wing, and other minor elements, the GT3RS is able to deliver 750 lbs of downforce at 125 mph, keeping it planted to the ground.

Plus, the GT3RS is an enthusiast favorite, and for good reason. The RS in “GT3 RS” sets them apart from every other Porsche 911. Unlike other forced-induction Porsches, the naturally aspirated, gorgeous-sounding flat-6 screams like no other car. The GT3RS is capable of pushing out 520 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque, which is pretty impressive from the naturally aspirated engine. This results in the insane powerband of the GT3RS, making it a very linear car.

Complementing the flat-6 is Porsche’s PDK system, which stands for Porsche Doppel Kupplungs. This is Porsche’s version of a dual-clutch transmission, which is an electronically controlled clutch system that’s quicker than any manual transmission. PDK is a two-gearbox system. One clutch engages your current gear, while another prepares for the next gear. This allows for perfect shifts every time, eliminating any risk of driver error. After all, the sniper appreciates precision.

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Stephen Curry’s 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Has Incredible Handling

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With a lot of power comes a lot of responsibility. The 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS was fitted with 12.5-inch-wide (325/30R/21) Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. The width and grip of the Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires provide plenty of grip and confidence for the driver when cornering. To further improve the handling characteristics, the GT3 RS uses Porsche’s rear-wheel steering system, which makes cornering even faster and easier.

The rear control arms are replaced by steering actuators, which change the rear steering angle to match the front, reducing the turning radius in tight corners. Although it seems like a tiny detail, the minute differences contributed to faster lap times on the track. Considering all these fantastic upgrades the car has, the GT3RS proves to be very capable. This track car is widely known for setting a fast lap time of 6:54.34 at the Nürburgring.

Although the NBA superstar has many cars in his collection, the 2016 Porsche GT3RS is still arguably the most expensive in his collection, clocking in at a low of $175,000. With deadly precision thanks to German engineering, Stephen Curry surely loves his GT3 RS.

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