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Who knew small cars could cost you a year’s salary! Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive model car collectibles in the world.

Some people cannot leave behind their childhood fantasy of exotic and super cool toy cars. Like their real-life counterparts, rare miniature car collectibles are also worth a fortune! It turns out that there is a pretty lucrative market for these rare and oddly expensive miniature car collectibles.

Some of these little miniature cars cost as much as the models that can be driven! Additionally, some of the collectibles are made with gold and other valuable materials. You should also know that these car toy collectibles are a fantastic investment. In fact, the prices listed below are what these collectibles have picked up at auctions around the world.

Without further ado, let’s drool over these insanely expensive but worthy car toy collectibles!

Lamborghini Aventador Gold – $ 7.5 million

The die-cast Aventador is completely wrapped in gold! Handcrafted by Robert Guelpen, this gold variant is an exact replica of the real Aventador, but wrapped in gold. For the price of this vintage car, you can buy 18 real Aventadors!

The Aventador Gold is 1: 8 scale and features incredible detail and genuine craftsmanship. Its price makes it the most expensive car model in the world.


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Lamborghini Aventador – $ 6 million

The price of this Aventador collectible could cover at least 10 actual Lamborghini Aventador. So what’s so special about this die-cast model? This too was designed by Robert Guelpen Engineering. In fact, this is a predecessor to the golden version above and was made after the overwhelming success of it. This is a 1: 8 scale Lamborghini Aventador which is an exact replica of the real car both inside and out. The body is made of carbon with an ultra-fine gold thread enveloping its fibers. The wheels are a mixture of gold and platinum and the seats are adorned with precious stones. The headlights are made from clear diamonds and the tail lights are colored gemstones.


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Bugatti Veyron in 24k Gold – $ 2.9 million

The Bugatti Veyron is yet another gold-wrapped beauty that comes in 1:18 scale. This tiny car uses solid 42 kt platinum and gold. Plus, the 7.2ct single cut diamond goes even further.

However, this elegant collector’s item takes around two months to craft. Undeniably, we love the collection Bugatti Veyron as much as the model to drive!


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40e Diamond Encrusted Anniversary Hot Wheels – $ 140,000

You can achieve the ultimate bling with this diamond studded Hot Wheels toy car! What makes this car so rare and desirable is that there is only one unit in the entire world.

This Hot Wheel car uses eight rubies, 319 white diamonds, 988 black diamonds, 1,388 blue diamonds and 18k white gold. It might be small, but it can put every car in your garage to shame.


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1969 Pink Rear-Load Volkswagen Beach Bomb – $ 125,000

The Volkswagen Beach Bomb is no ordinary small car; it costs $ 125,000! This adorable little beauty has surfboards hanging from the rear windows of the car. You should also know that this is a prototype model that dates from 1969. The enormous size of this model is one thing that makes it so rare and desirable.


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Tomica Z432 Datsun – $ 80,000

We’re not sure which one we like the most – the current model of Tomica Z432 Datsun or that chic little collector’s item! It takes about a month to create this platinum car model. Additionally, the Z432 Datsun collector’s item marks Tomica’s 40th anniversary. With this exclusive model, Tomica seduces kiddos and their car-loving parents!


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So which of these chic miniature car collectibles would you like to buy?

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