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“Some things that should not have been forgotten have been lost.” – JRR Tolkien.

There’s nothing cooler for a car nerd than finding a rare old car abandoned in an old barn. We love barn finds. We love them. It’s like finding buried treasure. We’ve taken our love for this rusty treasure to compile five of the most exciting classic car barn finds from all over the internet. If you love vintage cars, classic trucks, incredibly rare hypercar concepts, or just the excitement of discovery, this list might get you going.

The pair of Plum Crazy Purple muscle cars

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Muscle cars are among the most coveted barn treasures. Muscle cars are not only extremely cool, but the amount of cool and unique options makes their potential value extraordinary.

Value aside, one lucky soul discovered a pair of Plum Crazy Purple cars: one 1971 Dodge Demon and the other a 1971 Plymouth Duster. its value, but the Demon is a rare factory car through and through.

Just imagine seeing a PAIR of purple MOPAR cars sitting silently, untouched for years.

The Ascari FGT prototype is barn royalty

Ascari Prototype Barn Find | RM Sotheby’s

Although reported barn finds are often rare and valuable cars, they were generally not this precious when they were hidden. However, this Ascari FGT prototype barn find does not fit that mold.

Ascari took advantage of Lee Noble’s incredible mind for building sports cars and hired him to design the Ascari FGT prototype. Just imagine; this Ascari FGT debuted and was shown at the 1995 British International Auto Show, and within 15 years this hypercar was lost in the shuffle when the company closed and hid in a barn.

The $300 Lotus Esprit

Discovery of a Lotus Esprit barn discovered in a field in Texas
Lotus Esprit Barn Find | ATS race

First seen on The Drive, this Lotus is one of the storybooks. Part of the reason we car enthusiasts love barn find stories is because they keep alive the dream of one day being able to own one of our dream cars.

The Lotus Esprit isn’t quite the same as finding a Porsche 550 Spider in the shipping container, but it’s still an expensive and rare car. A lucky guy found one in a field in Texas and managed to buy it for $300. Considering that with the right restoration work, this car could be worth north of $50,000, that’s a big deal.

The $100,000,000 Bugatti and the Disappearing Man

Bugatti Aerolithe black and white photo
Bugatti Aerolith | Bugatti

Late last year, someone posted photos of old car parts and bodies on Reddit. The nerds freaked out, and for good reason. The Reddit user posted a photo of what appeared to be the remains of one of four incredibly rare and long sought after Bugattis built in the 1930s. The four cars in question are the Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic. However, this is the only one that has not been discovered, even after decades of international hunting. The photos appeared to show the legendary Bugatti “La Voiture Noire”.

The photos sparked a storm of responses and a heated debate. After extensive research, it is more likely that the car is actually a Type 57 prototype. An unnamed source told the Drive that the barn find was in Connecticut. But how did it get there? “One of Redline’s main mechanics who has been in the business longer than most…was in France visiting a client,” the source said.

The strangest thing is that shortly after the photos were published, they were deleted along with the account holder. Neither the photos nor the person claiming to own this extremely rare and valuable car have since surfaced.

A B-17 bomber

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I know it’s not a muscle car or a vintage Ferrari, but this B-17 barn find is one of the craziest barn finds we’ll ever see.

The B-17 bomber is one of the most iconic aircraft of all time. Not to mention that you would be hard pressed to find a way to buy one outside of this kind of situation.

The plane was found in several parts in a barn in Illinois. The restoration process is long and arduous, but in the end one lucky person will have one of the most important vehicles in arguably the most important war in history. That’s one hell of a barn find.

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