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Entering the Pagani exhibition hall is like entering a museum. The cars are immaculate, on pedestals and roped. Touch is not allowed, but all other senses are amplified by the pristine beauty of the Pagani range. Every car is built to order, there is no mass production under Horacio’s leadership, and it’s understandable that he wants to champion this personality of perfection. Now comes the most prolific example of the Pagani supercar Dynasty, the Zonda HP Barchetta, as the most expensive car in the world.

The Barchetta was reserved by Horacio Pagani (HP) as a gift to himself for his 60th birthday. Who can blame him for wanting a $ 20 million birthday present?

It contains a 7.3-liter AMG V12


Via: Pagani

The Zonda’s 2,800-pound curb weight is powered by the AMG-built 7.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 M297 engine, derived from the AMG M120. Its power is 790 horsepower, which exceeds the car’s speed at 221 mph and makes it the fastest and most powerful Zonda ever. It’s about as fast as an F1 on some tracks. Zondas has used different versions of the M120 since 1999, starting with the Zonda C12 which got 400 horsepower from the 6.0-liter displacement variant. The M297 uses a block made mostly of aluminum, with silicon and some copper. A forged steel crankshaft sits in the belly of the engine, moving zinc-plated, iron-plated aluminum pistons.

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Hanging Huayra C.-B.

zonda hp barchetta

Via: Stephen Huntridge Twitter

Some aspects have been borrowed from the Huayra to make the Zonda feel more comfortable. The Zonda uses a double wishbone suspension made from Avional, an aluminum-copper alloy normally reserved for airframe construction. The suspension is operated by a push rod, which relies on a series of rocker arms to keep the car level in a turn, eliminating body roll as much as possible. It is a heavier system than what is found on road cars, but thanks to its Avional composition, the BC suspension is very light. Some testing of the Huayra saw the car cling to 2.2g sideways. by a turn.

Forged aluminum rims

barchetta pagani zonda hp wheel

Via: Pagani

There are a few processes for building wheels. Most on the road are cast aluminum or steel, while others found on more expensive cars can be forged from a single piece of aluminum, which is a more expensive process. The Zonda uses APP’s forged aluminum wheels. The biggest difference is the difference in strength. A well-cast wheel is very strong but has bubbles that form in the material, while a forged wheel is heated and pressurized into its shape, providing more reliable structural integrity. Relaxed driving and even a few days of light trail aren’t going to blow up a cast iron wheel, but for the force the Zonda can exert on its wheels, forged is the better option.

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Massive Brembo brakes and P Zero Corsa tires

zonda hp barchetta

Via: Michael Kubler twitter

The Zonda comes with a series of 790 horsepower and a top speed of 221 mph on a platform weighing around 2,800 pounds. It needs a lot of stopping power and comes in the form of huge ventilated four- and six-piston disc brakes. Pirelli’s P Zero Corsa tire steps in to provide traction when accelerating and braking. It is not specifically a racing tire, as it is legal to use on the street, but it offers race ready grip nonetheless. Pirelli developed it in cahoots with car manufacturers competing in high-level motorsport. Along with grip, the Corsa uses noise-canceling technology called PNCS which Pirelli says cuts road noise inside the cabin in half.

Carbon fiber body

pagani zonda hp barchetta

Via: Imgur

For the first time, Pagani decided to cover the rear wheels. The Zonda does this with carbon fiber. The material is light and extraordinarily strong, but it’s also horribly expensive. Large carbon fiber parts are normally found on race cars, while everyday road cars may have a few accented carbon fiber trim pieces. The Zonda, on the other hand, is completely covered in carbon fiber to reduce its weight. It is based on chrome-molybdenum steel tubes as its front and rear subframes. The process of making carbon fiber is arduous, but while it started at $ 150 a pound, its price has now dropped significantly.

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Wraparound windshield

pagani zonda hp barchetta

Via: Pagani

A windshield generally may not be what people think of as an expensive part of a car. The Zonda’s windshield doesn’t stop where the A-pillars normally are, it continues to curve around the cockpit. Considering how expensive it is to shape glass to a custom shape, especially inducing bends, this is no small expense for Pagani. Another factor to consider with the windshield is R&D. The Zonda’s windshield had to be tested for its safety and to preserve its chic styling while providing a windshield as safe as any that surely cost a lot of money in pure testing and development.

Exclusive Pagani materials

pagani zonda hp barchetta

Via: Pagani

The Lotus Formula 1 team were the first to develop a unibody chassis, and now this practice has been used ever since, even with production cars. The Zonda’s unibody chassis is made from a proprietary material called Carbo-Triax HP52, which is a carbon-titanium composite. Pagani touts it as lighter and stronger than even carbon fiber. This material helps potentially shave hundreds of pounds off the Zonda. It’s literally carbon fiber and titanium woven together and can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Pagani first used this material on the Zonda R, then the Huayra.

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pagani zonda hp barchetta

Via: Wikimedia

Apart from the exclusive materials, the exclusivity is perhaps the most important factor that makes the Zonda so expensive. Only three HP Barchettas were made, so this is one of the rarest cars around. The engine, brakes, suspension and bodywork are all designed for a specific experience that only a few people can enjoy. Unlike mass-produced road cars, where they can collect around ten recalls in just a few years, Pagani cars are built to order, so built to perfection. The Zonda HP Barchetta is not limited to three units, anyone can order one, but the price reflects the exclusive image of the automaker.

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