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The 22ndn/a The annual Gumball 3000 rally began May 27, 2002 in Toronto, Canada, and the event landed May 28 in Indianapolis for the Indy 500. The group headed to Nashville on May 30 and stopped in Atlanta on May 31, and that’s where things got more interesting. According to a video making the rounds on Instagram, an incident occurred between three exotic supercars in Atlantic Station, Georgia, a stone’s throw from Atlanta. The skirmish involved a blue McLaren 570S, a BMW i8 and a white Lamborghini Aventador SV.

The video shows the blue McLaren pulling between the white Lambo and the poor BMW i8, with the McLaren partially airborne during its partial stop. Predictably, the incident could equate to million-dollar repair bills, but the Instagram video only tells part of the story. A YouTube video shows what happened to all three cars before the McLaren 570S spoiled the fun. It shows the McLaren swerving into the left lane to avoid a Kia Soul in the middle of the road.

You’ll also notice the white Lambo veering into the mid lane as the McLaren was about to make a pass. Nonetheless, crashes like these are fair game in the Gumball 3000. According to Fox Sportsit didn’t take long for the 18e Gumball 3000 in Dublin, Ireland to claim its first retirement when a Gumpert Apollo “spun over a puddle and crashed into a tree” on its way to Scotland.

Accidents are inevitable when driving a supercar on public roads. Knowing how to react when your exotic hypercar starts to veer unexpectedly into the opposite lane should be a prerequisite. The lesson behind these incidents? Don’t be so concerned that you may not consider whether you should. If you can afford a hyper-exotic fast car, you should also be doing the global automotive community a favor by signing up for performance driving lessons, at the very least.

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