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Turkey’s largest fully automatic parking lot counting days for opening

In line with the goal of the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, to increase the number of parking lots in the city, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has established the largest fully automatic parking lot in Turkey. Bayraklıbuilt in. Final testing is underway in the completed parking lot. The parking lot will open soon. The fully automatic Smyrna car park, which was set up with an investment of 66.5 million liras, will meet the parking needs of the region with a capacity of 636 vehicles.

Investments in parking lots continue in line with the objective of the Metropolitan Mayor of Izmir, Tunç Soyer, to increase the capacity of parking lots throughout the city. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, BayraklıIt is preparing to inaugurate the largest fully automatic parking lot in Turkey with a capacity of 636 vehicles in Turkey. As part of the investments to meet the parking needs, the Metropolitan Municipality opened the Selvili parking lot with a capacity of 20 vehicles and 160 motorcycles in Karabağlar with a cost of around 38 million lira, and an underground parking lot of a capacity of 153 vehicles at the Yeşilyurt Mustafa Necati Cultural Center.

Yenigül: “We will continue to increase the number of car parks”

Murat Yenigül, Head of Construction Works Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said: “The region we are in, BayraklıThe new city center of . It is a region where the courthouse and the active population are dense. We have planned this investment taking into account the parking problem that may arise in the future. Local companies worked on the design and software of the car park. It is also very valuable that Smyrna fully automatic car park is the largest fully automatic car park in Turkey built with public resources. Additionally, we have created open parking for 108 vehicles in this area. We will continue our efforts to increase the number of parking lots in the city,” he said.

Left-handed: “A completely autonomous system”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of İZELMAN Technical Affairs Manager of Smyrna Fully Automatic Parking Lot, Sevgin Solak, said, “Our parking lot has a fully autonomous system. The car park works with an automation system and computer control. It consists of 636 vehicle lifts with a capacity of 6 vehicles. The vehicle entry process begins with measuring the length of the vehicle. Once the user enters the cabinet, the parking process continues completely autonomously. Our user can see his vehicle’s landing information on the screens. Although it varies by density, drivers can receive their vehicle in an average of 3.5 minutes.

green building

Housing major business centers including Izmir Bayraklı Court of Justice The 100 meter high steel construction car park on an area of ​​44 square meters in Salhane district consists of 18 parking floors. Bayraklı Smyrna Fully Automatic Parking, located in Smyrna Square, will have passenger cars on 12 floors and tall vehicles on 6 floors. At the same time, 6 vehicles can enter or leave the ground floor. The car park will feature a fully self-contained, energy-efficient system and software. On the ground floor of the building, there is a foyer and a ticket office where drivers will wait for their vehicles. There is green vegetation on the facade of the fully automatic car park, which attracts attention with its architecture in harmony with the surrounding structures.

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