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Valve released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, but the game maintains a dedicated community with members who trade rare skins with each other to change how they look on the battlefield. A Twitch streamer known as Buster decided to get more creative with his wanted skins as he traded the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items for an extremely expensive car.

Buster is not the first CSGO player to trade in their in-game cosmetics for something more valuable, but the Twitch streamer won a $60,000 BMW instead of the $57,000 he expected when researching item prizes. Publishing content on both YouTube and Twitch has left Buster with 5 million subscribers between the two platforms, a following that continues to grow. While broadcasting regularly and making Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos for YouTube, Buster is also known to play the regularly updated GTA online, fortnite, and Minecraft.


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In a recent YouTube video, Buster showed off his new black BMW M5 which was acquired by trading in his CSGO cosmetics that included a Dragon Lore, several rare stickers, and a Sapphire Karambit. Instead of going for the $57,000 cash for cosmetics, Buster was able to trade the precious BMW to another Steam user, and he continues to have less desirable items he can use to continue customizing his character. While these skins are regularly sought and scooped up in the CSGO marketBuster may be the first to trade in-game cosmetics for a vehicle in such good condition.

Buster showed his BMW in a YouTube video in which the vehicle is driven through a garage into a well-lit studio that showcases the car’s design and features. Sitting under white curtains, chandeliers and between some gleaming floorboards, the BMW continues to run while Buster gets close-ups of the rear bumper, rims, exhaust and light blue lights. Buster climbs into the vehicle to get a feel for the driver’s side and checks out all the features and options, including a sunroof, two-way radio, and a well-lit center console.

This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trading can give owners of rare skins hope that they can also trade their in-game items for a material item like Buster’s BMW.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now available for Mac and PC.

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Source: Dexerto (Going through Youtube)

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