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I am leaning towards the Volkswagen Polo for obvious reasons, but I am also aware of the DSG issues that could arise in the future.

BHPian vjbox recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear members,

So now I need a daily driver for my wife and I was thinking of buying a used Polo Automatic (GT TSI) and I also had the Jazz CVT in mind. I lean for the Polo for obvious reasons, but also aware of the DSG issues that may arise in the future. I know the Jazz is a well-rounded package, but we’re not too worried about the comfort of the rear seats as this would only be driven with 2-3 people on board at best. I also want the car to be able to make occasional trips on the highway and so Polo seems like a better bet? A few options I’m checking out today and would appreciate your comments / advice on this (all negotiable)

  1. 2017 Polo GT TSI (White) – 1st owner / 24k km – Rs 7.8 L asking price.
  2. 2017 Polo GT TSI (Red) – 1st owner / 32k km – Rs 8.2 L asking price.
  3. Jazz 2016 – Top of the range (Brown, I guess) – 1st owner – 35K km – Rs 6.9 L asking price.

I lean towards the Polo despite the potential issues that might arise, mentally preparing myself to deal with them as they arise. I will check the records today, take it for a ride with my wife and if I want to take it to the VW service center for a thorough examination. Maybe rinse and repeat the same with Jazz too.

I would appreciate some instructions here / what kind of price can I shoot for and what should I watch out for?

Thank you!

Update: So I tried Polo and Jazz today. The woman wasn’t impressed with the Jazz at all and found it boring (she’s kind of become a car enthusiast these days, you see). The engine is pretty much dead at low revs and you have to run it at least 45-50 km / h to accelerate, after which it seems to wake up. Polo, on the other hand, impressed her so much and she was sold with the driving dynamics, quick gear changes, quick drive and overall build quality. You might hate me, but it looks like the scales are tilting towards this DSG polo shirt for her. Not too keen on a new Polo as she isn’t too confident to drive a new car yet. Now I have requested a thorough check at Sundaram VW tomorrow / this week to decide whether to pull the trigger and final price based on the report.

The seller is staying hard at Rs 7.6 lakh from now and I’m pushing for Rs 7.25 lakh. While I’m ready to bet on the Polo, my question is whether that price makes any sense. VW guy tells me they would best offer Rs 7.5 lakh for such a car assuming it is in perfect condition so the asking price is not too far off?

Here is what BHPian androdev had to say about it:

Get Polo TSI with the new AT. I’m sure used Polos with new AT’s have already hit the used car market. It is not a bad idea to buy a brand new Polo with a loan and have a new car with warranty etc.

Jazz CVT is also a good option if it’s just about city trips, but it looks like you want to use it on the highway as well.

Avoid DSG for routine city trips in heavy traffic. Not worth the risk.

It is difficult to arrive at a precise value for the car, the difference of 50K between the offered price and the asking price is not so bad and it is enough to negotiate according to the expenses to come like the service, the tires, battery, etc.

My suggestion is to shop the new Polo TSI AT. Look at the cost of this, the monthly EMI impact, etc. I think your savings are not substantial enough at 7.5L to buy a used Polo that is no longer under warranty and comes with a risky DSG. A new Polo comes with a more reliable AT, 4 year factory warranty and the general mastercard – invaluable vibes of buying a new car.

A new Polo AT at 10L can be justified against Rs 7.5 lakh 2017 Polo DSG as follows:

Tangible items of about Rs 1 lakh:

  • 4 year factory warranty worth Rs 50K
  • At 25K km, the tires are worth at least Rs 15K less than the new car.
  • Pay for future expenses like brake pads, battery, maintenance, etc. another Rs 25K

Intangible fixed assets of approximately Rs 1.5 lakh:

  • The resale / shelf life advantage would be substantial
  • Complete peace of mind on the history of the car
  • New car’s well-being factor, choice of color, etc.

If you are on a tight budget, you might as well look for a 2015 Polo with similar low mileage for Rs 5 – 6 lakh. Once the car is out of warranty, it is better to benefit from a higher depreciation due to age (and not to mileage). Either you make substantial savings by switching to a used car, or you buy a new car.

Here is what BHPian AJ56 had to say about it:

Don’t get the Jazz, it has the same 1.2L 89hp engine as my Amaze and it seriously lacks performance, it is very slow at 100 and you have to run at 4000+ rpm before any substantial power is delivered, j need to floor it in the city to overtake, let alone highways. Mine has a 5-speed torque converter but I drove the CVT and it’s even worse in terms of response.

The Polo is an excellent choice, except for the reliability of the DQ200 dry clutch transmission with which all Polos were delivered until very recently. Before you go for a new one, give it a thorough test drive to see if your wife is happy with the torque converter as it’s slower and not as crisp as previous dual-clutch models.

The 2017 models will soon be 5 years old in 2022, these were around 10L on the road 5 years ago, the selling price should be lower (7.8L is too high) regardless of the km qu ‘he has. I don’t know exactly but I also think these didn’t have cruise control which is very useful on highways it was later added in a facelift so check it out when looking at them model years. Cheers.

Here is what BHPian HEMIOrange had to say about it:

I would recommend Jazz, IMO nothing is above peace of mind. There are several stories on the internet to convince me of my opinion, not that a VW is doomed, but if it is, then the consequences are not so good.

PS: No offense to the existing owners or the brand.

Here is what BHPian anb had to say about it:

My friend sold his GT TSI and bought Jazz CVT for peace of mind. After driving the Jazz for a year, he lost his peace of mind. He therefore sold the Jazz and bought a new Polo GT TSI. PS: No offense to existing Jazz owners.

Jazz maintenance is also not given with 6 months maintenance / 5K intervals versus Polo 1 year / 15K maintenance interval. Polo with new lower service costs will be even cheaper to maintain. Quoting a Jazz owner’s post from another thread.

Check out BHPian’s reviews for more ideas and information.

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