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DRIVERS of automatic cars are warned of a common mistake that could lead to a broken gearbox.

The video on TikTok, uploaded by ‘holycrapitsjean’ has already been viewed more than 16 million times.


This handy tip could save you a lot of money in gearbox repairs

The video begins with a lady saying “so I put it in park then I put the handbrake on.

“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”

The video then cuts to Holycrapitsjean saying, “No, that’s really not what you’re supposed to do. Let me explain why.

“So the easiest way to explain it is that when you put your car in park and then put the handbrake on, the whole weight of the car is on the parking brake rather than the handbrake.

“Which means the whole weight of the car is on your gearbox.

“And it f**ks your gearbox!”

The TikTok star then goes on to tell us what we should do instead to save costly gearbox repairs.

“What you’re supposed to do is put it in neutral and then put your handbrake on, that way the weight of the car is on the handbrake and not the gearbox.

“Then you put it in Park, then you take out your keys.”

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Doing it the wrong way once or twice won’t hurt, but doing it repeatedly while parking will damage the gearbox over time.

This is particularly the case if you park on a slope where the weight of the car will be against the gearbox with more force.

The TikTok tipster also continues to give another hack.

“A quick note – a lot of people tend to sit at Drive lights and have their foot on the brake.

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“It’s not really a problem if you’re sitting at the traffic light for short periods of time, but if the traffic light just turned red, you’re going to be sitting there for a while.

“Put your car in neutral, so you won’t wear out your gearbox.

“Hope this helps!”

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