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A car park in Liverpool city center has already been named the most expensive place to park for 24 hours in the UK.

Parking in a city center is ideal, but the price can go up depending on the length of your stay.

We went to visit Liverpool’s “most expensive” car park to get your views on the matter.

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The Network Rail car park at Liverpool Lime Street station is a short term car park which is mainly used by people dropping off or picking up people at the station.

Located right next to Liverpool Lime Street station, this handy little car park is a short walk from the city centre.

With the first 20 minutes free to deposit and collect, it’s certainly convenient for those who don’t plan on staying long.

But the price can quickly skyrocket if you’re not careful and those who leave their car for a long time could end up with a hefty bill.

For two hours of parking, drivers will have to pay £12.50. But if you add an extra hour it will cost you £35.

Each additional hour after that costs £20 – meaning if you were to park there for 24 hours it would cost you £455.

A car park at Liverpool Lime Street station

Speaking to a person about the car park, which has 21 spaces, she told us it was “useful” for those who needed quick access to Lime Street station.

Another passer-by said the parking lot was “greatly located” and you “will always pay for convenience” but it was “really convenient” for drop-off and pick-up.

A third told us: “There are other car parks around town, there are plenty of options, so you can’t complain about those prices if it’s only for a short stay.”

A Network Rail spokesman previously advised motorists wanting a longer stay to use the Lord Nelson Street multi-storey car park, a short walk away.

This multi-storey car park has an overnight rate of £7.50 from 6pm to 6am and a motorcycle rate of £1 per day – it could also cost just £18.70 for up to 24 hours.

We visited this parking lot on a Thursday afternoon and finding a space proved a bit difficult, but not impossible.

As with many multi-storey car parks, those with a larger car may have difficulty navigating their vehicles in and out of the spaces, so precautions are necessary.

The car park itself, which has a Google rating of 4.1, is spread over 12 levels and has 239 spaces available.

Overall, the reviews received were more positive, with few supporting the “high costs”.

A car park at Liverpool Lime Street station
A car park at Liverpool Lime Street station

One person said: ‘As with all car parks it’s a bit pricey but as it’s right in the center of town it’s necessary.’

Another said: “Great for empire theater but very expensive.”

A third added: “Slap bang in the middle of everywhere.”

However, some users said it was “difficult” to find a place on a Friday morning.

A Network Rail spokesperson previously added: “Our short-term car park on Skelhorne Street is free for the first 20 minutes as a quick place to pick up and drop off people to and from Liverpool Lime station. Street.

“Higher pricing is in place to discourage motorists from abusing the limited number of spaces available.

“We always advise anyone needing to park for long periods to use the 200 space multi-storey car park on Lord Nelson Street.”

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