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Celebrities, with all their wealth, tend to own some of the most incredible car collections. Some are flashy supercar variants, while others lean towards more classic model collections. Still, most would agree that one of the most impressive collections of all belongs to Jay Leno. Leno is an avid collector of classic cars and some of the most expensive models costing millions of dollars.

If you’ve ever listened Jay Leno’s Garage, you’ve probably seen some of Leno’s most iconic classic cars. With around 300 in the total collection, constantly changing as he buys and sells, there are plenty that would cost millions to buy. So, of all her pretty walks, which is the most expensive of all?

The finalist for the most expensive car in Jay Leno’s collection

Jay Leno and his McLaren F1 | charlie nucci/Corbis via Getty Images

Jay Leno is more of an aficionado, with immense respect for every car in his sprawling and expensive collection. However, according to GetJerry, a car is “the jewel in the crown” and may be Leno’s absolute favorite. The 1994 McLaren F1 is for sure a superb sports car. HotCars said at its peak, this car set the Guinness World Record as the fastest production car in the world, clocking a blistering speed of 240.1 mph. Moreover, it also happens to be the second most expensive in Leno’s entire car collection. The McLaren is said to be worth around $12 million, which is a price only celebrities can afford.

The most expensive car in Leno’s garage

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The 1934 Duesenberg Walker Coupe reportedly sold for a whopping $25,000 when it was introduced. Built in Indianapolis, Fred and Augie Duesenberg designed these cars as “technically advanced race cars” that looked impressive on the track. However, that was before the depression hit and wiped out the Duesenberg company in 1937, according to Automatic week.

Today, the Duesenberg Walker Coupe is said to be worth $20 million, earning it the most expensive car accolade in Jay Leno’s entire car collection. It’s supposed to be the only aero version of this type in existence, which makes it incredibly rare. And Leno doesn’t hesitate to show it from time to time.

There is a car that is considered priceless

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Jay Leno’s McLaren and Duesenberg Walker Coupe are perhaps the two most expensive cars in the garage, with estimated costs in the millions. However, there is still one unique car that could surpass even these incredible cars. There’s a car that only Jay Leno owns, which makes it so rare it’s priceless.

Silver, Inc. shared details of Leno’s collaboration with GM to create the 2006 EcoJet. It was inspired by the 1963 Chrysler Turbine, using a biodiesel engine instead of the traditional fuel design. Leno himself, along with a fellow garage technician and enthusiast, worked on drafting original concepts for GM to produce. Thanks to his efforts to bring this iconic ride to life, Leno didn’t have to pay for it. However, as it is the only one in existence, most consider the unique supercar to be more priceless than anything. If Leno ever decided to part with it, it would likely fetch far more than anyone else in his collection.

There’s no doubt that Jay Leno’s car collection trumps any other celebrity garage lineup. Some of the other models that rank up there in price include his 1966 Oldsmobile Tornado ($150,000), 1909 Stanley Steamer ($185,000), Blastolene Special ($350,000) and 2014 McLaren P1 ($1 .35 million dollars). the models, in particular, are said to be worth millions of dollars collectively and are by far Leno’s most expensive models.

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