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Two BMW 1 Series cars parked by a hanger

Is an economy BMW the cheapest way to drive luxuriously?
Photo: BMW

Ask any older parent and they’ll tell you that traveling was an opportunity. It was a big hassle to take a train, plane or car anywhere. As such, the trip came with an element of luxury. But as driving has become a commodity, luxury features have been lost along the way. So if you want to recapture the golden age of travel, what’s the most luxurious and cheapest car you can do it in?

Today, we’re on the hunt for economy cars that can add comfort, class, and maybe a massaging seat or two to your daily drive. We want to know what could be the most luxurious and cheapest car on the market.

Perhaps you have the slightly irritating impression that all cars are luxury items. And in this case, no one could argue with your position that the Chevy Spark, America’s cheapest new car, is actually the cheapest luxury car on the market. But you are wrong.

So, let’s get to the suitable suitors.

You might start by considering cars like the BMW 1 Series or the Audi Q2. These cars are both nicely finished, packed with enough tech to keep you entertained, and clock in a fucking site less than the price you’d pay for a German flagship.

Or how about a Genesis? Another top contender for everything budget baller.

But really, the best value should come from the aftermarket. A 1960s Rolls Royce for the price of a new Nissan Versa? Sounds like a robbery. You can also brave a vintage Range Rover, an aging Mercedes or a classic Cadillac to spice up your daily commute.

With that in mind, what do you think is the most luxurious cheap car you can buy? Let us know your suggestions and we’ll round up the best answers later today.

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