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The 2000tii had 38,703 editions built over its lifespan, still standing tall as a prized sedan for car enthusiasts. The 1974 2000tii is highly sought after due to its higher compression fuel injected engine and impressive chassis. This cool car is one of the most fun-to-drive classic cars still available today, and it’s surprisingly affordable. It’s not uncommon for most classic cars to be flimsy with poor handling, leading most drivers to wonder if accelerating too hard will cause a break. No need to worry about that with the 1974 BMW 2000tii. This car is pretty much glued to the tarmac and every little stone is felt through the unpowered steering wheel, shift knob and pedals.

BMW is known for building a wide variety of vehicles today, but its success which saw it lead the way in the compact sports sedan department dates back to the revolution of the 2000tii. It was the worldwide success of this elegant and well-designed car that helped cement BMW’s reputation for quality and performance.

The overall performance of the 1974 BMW 2000tii was impressive, especially considering the fact that most pony cars were horrible to drive when the road got twisty. Can you believe a 4-speed manual was innovative back then? The BMW 2000tii featured a longitudinally mounted 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine capable of producing 130 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque. With a total curb weight of 2,200 lbs, that takes much of the credit for the impressive power-to-weight ratio. The 1974 BMW 2000tii may not scream ‘revolutionary’ by today’s numbers, it continues to be known as joyous and thrilling to push to its 118mph limit. Considering that in its day speedometers only hit 85 mph – this specific BMW was extremely special.

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The 1974 BMW 2000tii: BMW takes it to the next level

What comes to mind when the “bathtub threshold line” is mentioned? For many people, that would be the 1974 BMW 2000tii. This is a reference to the chrome-trimmed door crease that was also the closed line of the hood and trunk. Below the “waterline”, square sheet metal panels are separated by slight wing ridges. It was an unusual design at the time, but unique to that, allowing it to clearly stand out from the boring crowd.

The ‘look’ of the 1974 BMW 2000tii was certainly unique from the ubiquitous VW Beetle and the masses of American choices. The 2000tii’s one-of-a-kind nose was decidedly vertical, highlighted by single round lamps that sat in the corner of a black grille panel. The 1974 BMW 2000tii wore narrow grilles that were very reminiscent of happier times in BMW history, such as the pre-war 328 Cabriolets.

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The 1974 BMW 2000tii has plenty of style and sophistication

Digging around the engine you will find a 4 person layout that will be instantly recognizable to any 3 Series owner. Quality plastic trim is used to completely finish any areas that would be considered painted metal on the classic cars. The luxurious look was supported by the center console and the attractive design of the dashboard. These qualities of comfort easily go unnoticed today, but were extremely rare back then. The tii model featured a large center clock, which almost swallowed up the front end of the engine, but added a touch of style. Ventilation and visibility were superb, aided by the optional manual sunroof and flip-up quarter windows.

When the 1974 BMW 2000tii hit the scene, it was met with instant success and quick, profitable sales. This engine was highly anticipated and the public was eager to test it, with deposits being placed long before production. Considering the US dollar was worth far more than gold, this made these sales incredibly important. The immense popularity of the tii version helped save the reputation of BMW’s poor distribution network in America, which was on the verge of cutting ties with the automaker after a few years without new models since the Isetta Bubble car. At its core, the 2000tii is a scrappy sports car that had impressive handling as well as a practical four-seater cabin and mega trunk.

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The 1974 BMW 2000tii: a car enthusiast’s dream

It’s hard to deny that the 1974 BMW 2000tii is a car collector’s dream. He defined the very basis of what BMW is made of – quality and performance. You can expect to easily shell out between $15,000 and $23,000 for a usable example. These examples with the best mileage and impeccable bodywork can fetch around $30,000 and up.

The 1974 BMW 2000tii is a dream to drive, the driver continually feeling at one with the engine, every inch of the road gently felt through the iconic chassis. This engine will be remembered as a milestone in BMW history, and its excellence continues today.

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